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    92 Cranking won't start

    sounds reasonable but for me most time ignition module just flat out die. glad to see you got it running .
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    92 Cranking won't start

    Any progress on the no start ?
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    92 Cranking won't start

    the fuel filter was changed ?
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    92 Cranking won't start

    is the fuel pump getting power , check fuel pump relay. Also is the security system acting up. Just throwing a couple things out there.
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    Question: 1986 High Idle When Warm/Closed Loop

    might want to check the EGR system
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    1986 coupe rear defrost troubleshooting

    I don't know about the corvettes but many cars use a relay for those kind of circuits
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    (Picture Thread) Show your C4 to the world!

    sharp car, are there many corvettes there ?
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    Where are they?

    69 ?? dang kids . heading for 75 still no real issue with getting in and out took mine for about a 200 mile round trip about a month ago... oh yea had to dodge a deer at 70mph hard right and left, hard enough the tires barked. top down I swear the dears nose went over the windshield.
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    Where are they?

    I have been wondering the same thing. In the city and at car shows there are few C4 Corvettes , I see more C3s One thing I notice, when the gov had the buyout of used cars. Was it a $4000 credit on a new car. Many perfectly good cars including C4 corvettes were destroyed because the resale on...
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    C4 Torque Arm availability

    You now have me thinking I need to check my 90 it has just over 100K on it . I was not aware of the problem. There are some on EBAY , I am not sure if I would trust those . Hope you get the problem resolved.
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    C4 Torque Arm availability

    What was the problem with it? cracked ? This is the first time I have heard anything about them being a problem.
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    Exhaust drone

    I have a 90 convertible that I built my own cat back system on . I went to three in OD stainless pipe and built the mufflers using turbo mufflers as a pattern . I ended up with some drone but not real bad. I did a lot of reading on exhaust systems and the larger pipes can cause drone. I wonder...
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    Poor C4

    The cost of bringing one back to life far exceeds the market value is a lot of the problem. Where are all the C4s ? I see don't see many out and around anymore in the midwest. Are many junked out or sitting behind a shed rotting away? I believe in a few yrs the value of a C4 will go up as the...
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    Question: Intake manifold removal procedure?

    the removing part may be in a diff section , manual is set up a little weird search the index. Think it is in there
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    Question: Intake manifold removal procedure?

    have you ever done any mechanical work like this before? If not your biting off quite a chunk ,especially if you don't have the service manual.
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    Coil brackets

    coil on the HEI cap ?
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    Air pump instead of vacuum to Optispark

    would be best to have a clean dry air supply but sounds like good logic to me. Might be able to find some sort of air dryer.
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    L98 Oil Leak

    have you replaced the valve cover gaskets ?
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    egr and ads superchip

    I am no expert but the EGR is important and really don't effect performance . If it were mine I would try to find out if the chip disabled the EGR if it does I would get a diff chip that doesn't disable it . I would think even a used factory chip would be better than not having the EGR work ...
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