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    LT5 Durability, how are they holding up after 16 to 21 years?

    Marc Haibeck and Pete are in your back yard. Any good mechanic can replace the flywheel. We can get very good deals on Fizanza alum flywheels. The "diesel" sound you are talking about is likely from the flywheel causing gear rattle. At high loads and low rpms you can get a kack kack kack...
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    AutoWeek: C7 on hold--How long must fans wait for a new Corvette?

    well, in the current business market, gms priorities won't be on the corvette anytime soon. the caddy, vette, and other low volume cars aren't making much difference to the bottom line and restructuring and survival will take priority for many years over redoing the corvette which is selling...
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    ...how long until Callaway releases #001 of THIS!!!!

    it will take more than 580. the zr1 has 638 and is 500 lbs lighter, but they are considering the "caddy" detuned LS9 with a blower that will put out about 550. the "hockey stripes" do look like the dodge stuff. some of the tacky add ons seem very popular but spoil the basic lines. I'd...
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    Post a Pic of your ZR-1

    Lingenfelter Super Vette 390 ci, 508 rwhp, 430 rwtrq, 11.43 @ 127 qtr on drag radials (with phil driving it anyway!)
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    C16 and Lotus Evora

    great looking car. now it just needs MO POWWA I've always been impressed with the lotus engineering A friend of mine just bought that wacky Tessla electric car based on the lotus thanks for posting this, interesting stuff
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    What do you want to see in the C7?

    I'd like to see a smaller, DOHC (bring back the Illmore Indy motor) in a 2500 lb car with all wheel drive, an 8500 redline TT engine running E85 (flex fuel). about 500 hp would be enough. very radical new styling. bring back the looks of the c3 at peak, modernize it, downsize it, and make it...
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    if the tune is done properly you don't need "lots" of boost to get to 600 rwhp which is more than all but the baddest stroker zr1s make and more than you can handle on street tires. key is backing down the timing and getting enough fuel to keep detonation to a minimum. the lt5 head gaskets are...
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    Front-end Design

    I was hoping the tiger shark front fascia would make production. I think it looks agressive without being over done. we'll see what the future brings. the c6 looks best in black IMHO
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    On a cruise today, I saw this...

    depends on the offer, everything is negotiable!! I drove the TT Z06 instead of the ZR-1 we had a blast!! 211 is one awesome road and we went out of our way to take another run at it. true, it was a carlise freebie for renewing the vette magazine subscription.
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    ZR-1 Garage Sale

    no bose amps. sorry. but it's ez enough to fix them.
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    Show Us Your Z06

    Tiger Shark 2003 Z06 TTiX Twin Turbo 796 RWHP, 800 RWTRQ @ 17 PSI on alchy injection 700/700 on pump gas as 13 psi.
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    ZR-1 Garage Sale

    still have alot of good stuff left. please make me an offer!
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    need chrome ZR1 sawblades!!!

    sorry they are sold
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    TT Tiger(shark) on my tail...

    TT Tiger shark Z06 the new car is a blast. it puts down 796 rwhp and 800 rwtrq on pump gas and alchy injection and a nice fat 700/700 on just pump gas. high boost 16.7 snorting meth, and 13 psi on pump gas alone. I find NO need to go high boost as the car is a rocket even at 700 and just...
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    {Opinions and input} AeroBody - What would you like to see styled into the next gen?

    I agree!!! the tiger shark looks killer. combine that with the new headlights, but with a twist. make the headlights photosensor like suglasses or electrically darken. that way they would "disappear" on a black car, and look good on the other colors too. the c6 headlights aren't to my...
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    need chrome ZR1 sawblades!!!

    if you can't find the chrome ones I have a set of 93 ZR-1 sawblades I will sell for $500 they are on ebay now. email me if interested. ron_kreigh@hotmail.com thx.
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    ZR-1 Garage Sale

    alot of this stuff is getting hard to find. can bring anything prepaid to carlisle to save shipping charges (except wheels, sorry) all parts plus shipping. I need to move this stuff out, make me an offer!! New Bill Boudreau C 4 Beam plates - $140 (shipping included, 3 sets) 95 Bilstein FX3...
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    so who is it, and what do you know, again DETAILS!!!
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    {Opinions and input} AeroBody - What would you like to see styled into the next gen?

    I like the geiger and I also saw a snake skinner vararam car that had a very agressive body kit. I thought the c6 would look like the tiger shark which would be fine. if we could blacken the headlights with a electro fluid, and make the front end more agressive the c6 has some nice lines...
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