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    Steering Column Lock Motor Burned Out?

    Update I talked with the service manager today. He agreed that the low voltage could not permantly damage the column lock motor. He told me that it must just be a coincidence that the column lock went bad while they were doing an oil change and stated that there was nothing he could do. I...
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    Steering Column Lock Motor Burned Out?

    I'm not sure that is necessary! As far as I know at this time my issue is with the service writer and the mechanic. The service manager often is not in the loop unless a customer asks questions. This service manager has a very good reputation from when he was a service writer. Now that he...
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    Steering Column Lock Motor Burned Out?

    The service manager has been out with family medical issues. He is suppose to be back next week. I plan on meeting with him at that time. Stay tuned!
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    Steering Column Lock Motor Burned Out?

    I did ok the work on a Friday. They said they were not going to do the job until Monday. I went up on Sunday and looked at the car in the lot (yes, they left the Vette outside!) the dash was all apart. I did get the old part and intend to take it to another dealership for testing.
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    Steering Column Lock Motor Burned Out?

    Thanks to everyone that has replied. Before I could stop the work they had the dash taken apart and the actuator changed out! I guess they wanted to get me committed before I figured something was wrong. Does anyone have suggestions concerning how to file a complaint with the dealership?
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    Steering Column Lock Motor Burned Out?

    Got one for the gang to ponder. I took my 2000 C5 auto trans Vette to the local Chevy dealer for an oil change and to replace my belts. The service writer called and said my battery was bad (Optima Red Top that is 18 months old). I went up and got the battery and took it to the place I bought...
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    Question: Torch red paint ?

    As the title of the book says--all Corvettes are red, the others are mistakes!!
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    New Battery or did I screw up ?

    I say go back and watch the C4C5 Specialist's video -- it is the best!
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    Just became a C6 owner

    Welcome to the gang!! I also gave up years of motorcycling when I bought my Vette. No regrets!!!
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    Wrecked my Vette

    The reason that there are so many 2007 C6 Vettes on the market is that they are lease returns. Most people get three year leases. I have also driven a few C6 Corvettes and they just do not excite me like my C5. I want a newer Vette, but sure don't really like the idea of getting rid of my C5.
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    Will You Drive Your Corvette In The Snow?

    NOOOO!! At least, not on purpose! :W:W:W:W:W:W:W
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    Question: Run flat tires or non run flat?

    I'll never be without my run flats (Michelins)!!!!!!!! Greatest invention in the world (next to sliced bread, of course)!!!!!
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    Question: "Vette" magazine & 2012 MY custom Corvette opinions please

    I agree!! That was my thought when I saw that thing. I think it may be an age issue. I expect that the younger crowd will like it.
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    News: The demise of a great Corvette magazine !

    Are you sure that those two are on the way out? I subscribe to both and did not get any notification that they were stopping pruduction. I did get the sample issue that you mentioned. I thought that was just a solicitation for a new mag.
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    Alaskan Corvette

    Welcome!!!!! Did I read correctly -- you have about seven or eight months of snow?? :ohnoes
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    Vette TV Ads

    Oh, I forgot about that one!! You are correct, that was a great ad!!
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    Question: Dragging the air dam (under the front bumber) on bumps in the road

    As a C5 owner the issue you described is common among both the C5 and C6. We just need to keep in mind that our Vettes sit low and be watchful. When I scrape I always say that the driveway/entrance/road failed the Vette test! :ohnoes
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    Vette TV Ads

    I just noticed a TV ad for the Corvette yesterday. Here is the question: when was the last time (what year) that any of you can remember a TV ad for the corvette? There are plenty of examples in magazines, etc. I can also think of TV ad examples that use the Vette to sell something else, but...
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    Help! Ignition Problems and Steering Column Lock

    Listen to C4C5 -- he is THE EXPERT on this issue! If we gave him a dollar for every time he has answered this question he would be rich!! The 500 CCA is the key. :thumb
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    Possibly the silliest question ever

    Yep, XLR8 got it correct!! Plain ole' reflectors -- every little bit of attention to you in the dark is good!!
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