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    WTB: 1970-1973 454 engine hoist brackets

    The front bracket will have #3994055 and a V stamped on it. The rear will have either an L, M, C. I primarily just need the front bracket.
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    1969-72 427 & 454 BBC Blocks, Heads, Crankshafts

    454 intake manifold bolts Do you have a set of 1970 454 intake bolts to sell? The ones I have seen in photos are the shoulder type with recessed heads with headmarks of M inside a circle, NAT, FP, or TRW with three hashes. They are black oxide in color. Thanks, Scott ss396t6@gmail.com
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    WTB: 1994 Pace Car floor mats, pair

    Black, patent number 5154961, no GM number, 17 rib heel pad, grommet hole on driver's side mat. Email Melissa Neiman at mnmdjd@hotmail.com
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    Original teak steering wheel

    Original, nice teak steering wheel correct for 1965-1966 Corvette. The real-deal, not reproduction or plastic. $1650 shipped or pick up. Call or email Henry Fraind in Alabama at 1-334-741-5792, email: thefriendlyplace@yahoo.com
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    Wanted: 2003 sunvisors

    Correction: Shale in color.
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    Wanted: 2003 sunvisors

    For 50th Anniversary in the Light Oak color.
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    For Sale-3992095 fan blade and SC fan clutch (1971 LS-5 with C60)

    For early 1971 LS-5 with C60. Fan blade dated H70 and fan clutch dated 10 2 70 SC. Seven blade tipped fan blade unique to LS-5s with C60 attached to its original Schweitzer (SC) fan clutch. Blade is in great original condition and fan clutch seems to be in working condition. $475 for the pair...
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    WTB:Late '69 to mid '70 454 water pump

    It might look like it shows 8940960 or 8940980 but it is a 3940960 I need. Thanks, Scott
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    WTB: Wittek #39 by-pass hose clamps

    Need two original Wittek #39 hose clamps for my water pump by-pass hose. The font size on originals is smaller than reproductions. Photos needed. Email me or post here with photos. Thanks, Scott
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    WTB: 1964/1965 exhaust manifolds

    Late 1964 to very early 1965 Left:#3846563 and Right:#3797942 exhaust manifolds. Email/PM/Post. Thanks, Scott
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    WTB: 1108400 starter

    (Error in previous listing...edit wouldn't allow changing the Title.) For a 1972 Corvette. Dated from 1JXX to 1LXX or sometime before December 1971. Needing to be rebuilt is fine but in good condition to be rebuilt. Would prefer solenoid be on it. Thanks, Scott Sims
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    WTB: 1008400 starter

    See edited post due to error in Title description on this post.
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    WTB: 1967 tire tub assembly

    Complete top and bottom in good to excellent condition. Contact Joe Blount by email: jblount3@comcast.net Thanks!
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    WTB: 7040207

    For a 1970 Corvette. Anyone have one of these? A box full? Kidding, but I do need one dated approximately June 1970 (Julian date 0180 or so). Thanks, Scott
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    WTT:1970 & 1971 454 with AC fan blades

    You guys are so lucky! We don't have anything like Carlisle here in Texas. I think it's a 24 hour drive from Texas to Pennsylvania...one way. I am needing a big block fan shroud and a 9000-032 horn dated July to September 1971 to name two items. I have a long laundry list but those two items...
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    WTT:1970 & 1971 454 with AC fan blades

    Gee....sounds like we have similar stories as I also bought mine in 2003 with a 1977 454 truck engine. I did find a 1970 Corvette LS-5 engine (built in March 1970) near San Antonio and had it rebuilt and now in the car. I am more oriented toward correct and correctly dated parts. Send me a...
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    WTT:1970 & 1971 454 with AC fan blades

    The Corvette Forum is where I found my A70 tipped fan blade for $250. I had a G70 tipped fan blade that I then sold to a guy in Houston for his Top Flight '70 LS-5. He was thrilled. Another great seller on the CF is avalonjohn (John Penrod). That guy seems to come up with some hard to find...
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    WTT:1970 & 1971 454 with AC fan blades

    Vinn (or Vince?), get on the Corvette Forum and search for CCrane72 (Clifford Crane) posts. He is on it quite often and you can ask him. He is running the fan blade on his Corvette now so I doubt he wants to but you can try. Also, do we have your very nice 1970 Corvette registered on the...
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    WTT:1970 & 1971 454 with AC fan blades

    A Corvette friend has an August 1970 tipped fan blade that he would like to trade for a November 1971 tipped fan blade. These have the "fingers" on the blades. These are unique to 1970-1974 Corvette 454s with AC. He goes by CCrane72 on the Corvette Forum. Thanks, Scott Sims
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