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  1. J

    Steering Rack Seal Kit

    I'd look at NAPA. Otherwise do some search time on the net. That's how I found the booster diapharam I got. Almost everyone just rolls over and gets a reman'd rack. If the inner tierods are good on yours and it's tight over all keep looking and you will find the seals. Industral gearbox...
  2. J

    my key is missing the resistor head

    If you have a VATS key problem a call to AAA will take care of it. I had the resistor fall out on the road long ago. The AAA locksmith had a key with a reisistor switch bank. They cut a steel blank and just trial and error until the car starts. Once it won't start the VATS has a 5 minute...
  3. J

    factory wheel lock thingy lost, what do i donow?//

    My 87 has a sticker on the glove box lid right by the service parts list with the wheel lock number on it. Like everyone else said ditch them. Just one more tidbit.. When I started looking at the other lugs on my nearly 20 year old vett the threads were nearly gone from all the times they had...
  4. J

    C4 U joint replacement

    A 6sp may wear out the drive shaft u-joints. but... the 200k mile u-joints I took out of my 87 automatic looked like new. If it hadn't been such a pain to get the drive shaft in and out they might have went back in. (I managed to get it out without taking the exhaust of c-beam apart) Like it's...
  5. J

    Seeking Brake pad recommendations

    I have a set of carbotech bobcat pads in J55 brakes on the front of my 87. I've never had any fade on the street, they just get more bite with a little heat in them. They aren't cold natured in the winter. They don't dust but a little. At the time they had a pad and rotor deal. JS
  6. J

    Question: 1995 Brakes was there a upgrade

    my list: 1. if you have to ask you don't have a clue about doing it now... 2. you took it there, trust him? 3. it should also include fluid flush for entire system for that price. 4. unless it has trashed rotors they don't need to be changed. 5. it's your money, you could buy all the tools and...
  7. J

    Clunk when shifting to drive

    You have slack in the posi unit. It comes from age. Leave it alone unless you want to rebuild the rear end. Last time I remember @$850. Just drive it unless you are going to the drag strip. If there was that much backlash in the ring and pinion you would be on the side of the road by now...
  8. J

    Hard to find Mechanic

    Hey, The big deal is the car is 20yrs old. Plastic will just break if you look at it sometimes. Aside from the suspension it's just a CHEVROLET... An ODBI can get basic troubleshooting from the ALDL with a paper clip. Oh, and the suspension; rear halfshaft ujoints and outer tierods ends are the...
  9. J

    84-87: What are you doing for tires?

    I have to replace the long past there prime SZ50's on my 87. I'm going with a set of TA's from Tirerack. I've decided they are the bang for the buck. The tirerack user reviews are reasonable. The tire store manager where I get alignments done has them on his miata. (I know, not much in common)...
  10. J

    Cruise Problems

    On my 87 the cruise/brake switch is in a half way threaded bracket. You wiggle it down toward the pedal and pull the peddle up and it just pushes the switch to the correct position. Easy to do if you think you have a problem. JS
  11. J

    1986 Windshield Wiper Problem

    It's in the motor. You might as well start looking for another one. You might can fix it, more than likely it just wore out. JS
  12. J

    1987 Power Antenna Issue

    The antenna unit comes out from inside the wheel well. The wiring is under the rear shade and plastic cover. The gromet in the fender un-screws from the top if I remember right. The power antenna is fairly simple. Since your motor is running all the time you need a new weed eater string for...
  13. J

    Question: Headlights?

    Here's the link to take a look at: http://www.danielsternlighting.com/home.html The lamp housings I have look like this: http://dsl.torque.net/images/200HCR.jpg He wants $64 each for them. Just these lamp housing and the cheapest H4 bulbs will give more light and outlast silverstars or...
  14. J

    Please help my car is dying...

    I don't have a clue about your ODBII car. But, here is my basic backyarder from hell guide: Clean the trottle body. I have fixed many a trashy running cars by just this simple maintenance. Get an old toothbrush, some low lint rags and long screwdriver and a can of Throttle body cleaner. Make...
  15. J

    Coolant recommendation?

    I'm with jake. If the car came with green use green or one of the universals. If it came with orange put orange in it or completely flush it and put something else it. I have read hours about coolant and am still not clear. All I will say without reservations is don't put Dexcool (orange) in...
  16. J

    Battery current draw question

    My 87 sat for at least 6 months while I was in Korea and it fired right up when I took the cover off. Lately, it's gone through 2 or 3 batteries. If you are short tripping the car when it's out and the battery gets down it act like yours. Get a good battey and keep it hot and it will last...
  17. J

    Question: Original or Reproduction Ball Joints/Outer Tie Rods?

    Here's what to look at.... Lower ball joints are not worn out unless they have never had any grease in them or the boots are blown an water and dirt got in them and ruined them. I replaced the ones on my 87 with 200k miles and they were not worn out. The 87 lower ball joints have a ridge at...
  18. J

    Question: Headlights?

    I have Ciebe e-code lamps with 130/100 watt lamps. I got them through Daniel Sterns lighting he has a website. They are at least equal to any HID lamps and better than anything else I've seen. You have to decide what you want for lights. Don't get anything with "blue" bulbs, any coating on a...
  19. J

    Question: Lower Temperature fan switch kits.

    I don't know if the year you have is different: My 87, main fan controled by ECM boost fan, out front controlled by temp switch in drivers side head. I replaced the boost fan switch, it comes on at 190 now. Don't remember where I got the switch from. It did help. JS
  20. J

    Question: Anyone seen a P 265 50 R 16 BF GOODRICH RADIAL T/A lately?

    You know tires get hard as they age. Any tire 5 years old has no warranty by any of the tire companies because of the age. JS
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