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    For Sale Michelin Pilot Super Sport ZP tires

    Michelin Pilot Super Sport ZP tires. 2-245/35 ZR 19, 2-285?30 ZR 20. Came off 2018 with 7000 miles. very good condition. Located in central Illinois. Asking $400, but if you can use them--FREE! You must pick them up.
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    40th Anniversary For Sale:

    40th Anniversary Varsity Jacket with leather sleeves, Large in like new condition. Will e-mail you a picture. $95.00 plus shipping. Will include two 40th hat pins.
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    1977 Stingray

    I don't still have the 77, but as I recall it was on the column right side with the wiper control
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    1977 Stingray

    yes, it is tilt-tele
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    1977 Stingray

    switch I have a 1977 turn signal switch but not the wiper/dimmer switch. As others stated, I think the dimmer switch is hard to find. Be careful when you get into the column, by now some of the plastic parts are brittle.
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    High Tire Pressure Warning

    Tire pressure I have the same tires on my car and the 51 psi is the MAX pressure for those tires, not the recomended pressure. I bet they ride pretty hard at those pressures. After driving on them, the pressure rises causing the high pressure reading. I suggest you go to the recomended pressure...
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    Tires for sale

    I have one Left Front 245/40ZR-18 Goodyear F1 and two Rear 285/35ZR-19 Goodyear F1 that I would like to sale. They have 9500 miles on them. Very good tread left. I will take any offers.
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    Official 2011 CruiseFest thread

    Thank you mid-america I also want to thank Mid-America for the excellant job they did for the CruiseFest 2011. It was a class act!! Also thank you to all the new people my wife and I met at the CruiseFest. You are a great group.:)
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    What was your first build?

    My first engine was out of my 56 Chevy six cylinder. I was my freshman year in college. I backed it in our single car garage and did a complete overhaul. A machine shop did the head, valves, etc. I did the rest. Then I ran the heck out of it for a couple of years. Then I became the shop teacher...
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    Composite rear spring

    Several years ago I installed a composite rear spring on my 77 vette. It was the best thing I ever did to that car. Very happy with the softer ride and less weight factor. I do not remember what spring rate I installed, but the job was not to hard to complete.
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    40th Anniversary 40th Collectables II

    I have the following 40th collectables F/S: 1) Dana Forrester print of 40th coupe, signed, oak/glass framed 2) 40th Varsity jacket, Large, leather sleeves 3) 40th Hat pins (2) I can e-mail pictures if interested.
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    Help! Leaky calipers

    I had an orange 77 corvette a few years back. Always likes the color--it grows on you. I changed all the brake calipers from Vette Brakes. I had very good luck with them as long as I had the car. their web site-- www.vbandp.com
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    Front splash guard- replacement

    The pins are very easy to remove. Just pop out the center part with a screwdriver and pull the rest out.
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    Registration is Open!

    Just for reference, the Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum is located in Decatur, IL not Mt. Zion, IL
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    T-top storage

    I have an original set of the brackets and strap if anyone is interested. I used them on a '77. Allowes to have storage space in the back and still take off the t-tops.
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    Question: Dull Lenses

    I had a 93 Ruby for 15 years and never heard of this???
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    Help! '75 blinker trouble :/

    You have to pull the steering wheel to get to the switch. Get yourself a steering wheel puller to make the job easier. After you get the steering wheel off, it is pretty well self explanitory from there. Make sure you are careful how you route the wires. Good luck!
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    Help! '75 blinker trouble :/

    I had the same problem with a '77 vette. You would first want to check all the grounds on every place dealing with the turn signals. I pulled the steering wheel and replaced the turn signal switch, but that didn't correct the problem. (I still have the switch). To make a very long story...
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    WTB: 2007 GM Service Manuals

    I am looking for a used set of 2007 GM service manuals. Quote me a price.
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    Oil Catch Can

    I am new to the C6 corvette. How important is it to install an oil catch can to the LS2 engine?
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