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    Help! Squeaking from the rear end?

    i had the same problem with my 78 l82 four speed notice it the most at slow turns, i drained the rear put transmission fluid in it and drove in circles for a short time drain it again added the gm additive and oil and the noise went away mytoy
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    shark lounge

    I am having problems getting into the lounge any helpwould be appreciated thank you mytoy
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    I am getting ready to replace all the weatherstripping on my 78 , I have heard that Corvette Rubber has very good ones , has anyone used these and if so what was the outcome thank you mytoy
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    Looking to replacing rear end & suspension 72.

    rear spring how was it acting before you changed the spring thanks mytoy
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    tach problems

    I have a 78 L82 four speed, the problem when the car is at idle and running the tach is fine when I shut the car off the tach stays around 1000 , anybody got any ideas thanks mytoy
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    parting out a 75 vette

    do you have a radiator and core support , if you do what is the price thank you mytoy
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    core support

    radiator and core support hunting for a radiator and core support for a 73 auto L82 any help would be appreciated thank you mytoy
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    core support

    is it in good shape? how much do you want for it thanks mytoy
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    core support

    I am looking for a core support for a 73 ,any help would be appreciated mytoy
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    Parting out a 1970 coupe

    need a core support for a 73 , is a 70 the same and if it is what is the price mytoy
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    parting out a 75 vette

    core support I am looking for a core spport for a 73 will a 75 work and if it does what price do you want plus shipping to Ohio mytoy
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    seat cover

    I am looking for a driver side black leather back seat cover for a 78 thanks mytoy
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    Anyone have antique plates on their car?

    plates I live in Ohio, you can buy the antique plates and run plates of the year of car you just have to have the antique plates in your car, I have a 68 Mustang that I do this. You can also buy collector plates instead of antique, this exempts you from emmission testing, any Corvette is...
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    Getting ready to install complete new weatherstripping on my 78. My question is the weatherstripping glued on or put on by plastic pins or some of both. My other question is a friend of mine suggested buying from Corvette Rubber, does anyone know of this company and the quality of the...
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    Please woman, fall in love...

    Same problem my wife wanted a zinc yellow mustang convertible, guess what she got it, we also have a 68 mustang, the way I look at it I have the best of both worlds a vette and mustang mytoy
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    hood latch

    Thanks Gary I will give it a try Paul
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    hood latch

    I have a 78 L82 four speed the problem is with the hood latch on the driver side I can close the hood some times it will latch and other times it will not, also at times I will be driving and hit a bump and the hood will come unlatch on the driver side, my question how do I go about fixing the...
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    Looking at 74 Vette

    BLEEDING BRAKES Itried everything to bleed my brakes pump etc the only way I got them bled was gravity, When a friend told me to try it I was at my wits end, didn't think it work but it did. one thing you may want to do is pick up some new bleeders, just in case you damage one they are cheap...
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    Original Paper Work For Your Car

    PAPER WORK I have a 78 L82 four speed car. I have all of the paper work from when it was order to the loan, I ran copies and laminated the copies at the shows I place them in the back window. I also have a recall notice on the air condition, a check off sheet from when the car was unloaded from...
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    Winter Projects, Whats yours?

    weatherstripping Plan on installing all new weatherstripping on my 78, anyone have a good source on price and quality thank you
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