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    1974 355 engine swap finished couple of questions

    Holley 670 street avenger DP Edelbrock Torker original intake Stock heads ported to no clue he just claimed they are comp 1.52 retro roller rockers Comp Magnum 5/16 pushrods thumpr cam comp 12-600-8 Jegs quite gear drive crane valve springs Eagle Flat top Pro Hypereutecic Pistons Hasting Rings...
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    Post pictures of your C3

    Molten Orange Pearl 74 Stingray Picture
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    Got MY car back after a year and a half 74 Stingray

    Two Bum Painters and alot of money Later and my car is back here are some pictures for you 68 mustang beside it
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    Wheel spacer question

    Hello I bought a set of torque thrust on my 1974 corvette and they are 9s in the front they rub a little when you turn I need some kind of wheel spacer just curious if anyone has a suggestion for me I am looking at the 1.5 in 1974 Chevrolet Corvette Wheel Spacers - 5X4.75 70.3CB 7/16 Studs -...
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    Got a 1974 stingray and need some advice please

    Geez well Brakes cost around 700$ for the beast and bleeding goes furthest from master cyl-rear right caliper then bleeder valves are as follows- back outside bleed valve, inside back bleed valve, front outside bleed valve, then front inside back bleed valve.... Then back left caliper 4 bleed...
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    Got a 1974 stingray and need some advice please

    Ok my brake calipers are shot and I hear the rebuild kits are not that good { metal ring bends and they leak from piston} anyone have advice on that advanced auto has reman. calipers for 65 and my core its the best price I can find are the wearevers a good caliper... ALSO a weird thing these...
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    Got a 1974 stingray and need some advice please

    ps The breathers are pcv style just pretty I know about those cheap crap ebay ones been there before lol
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    Got a 1974 stingray and need some advice please

    I bet the carb does look new because it is. I rebuilt the top end took heads to machine shop to be cleaned up. I went back with the original intake and a new qjet carb. Orange engine block black accents pretty up kit blah blah. I tell you the brake booster was a taco to do lucky I have a friend...
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    Got a 1974 stingray and need some advice please

    Before and after pictures of the engine bay last one is my c4 just figured I would throw that in there
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    Got a 1974 stingray and need some advice please

    I picked this up yesterday it will start and idle I dont want to push it its been sitting Im going to rebuild everything. Everything has been done exceot intake and carb they are pretty much shot. I like edlebrock carbs and there intake for this car its the l82 350 engine there are so many...
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    Off corvette topic here but look what rolled into my shop today

    Off corvette topic here but look what rolled into my shop today it is a sick scion I know I shouldnt ever say that but 4inch piping built engine t63 turbonetics turbo 3inch out exhaust no real reason to post this just figured you could get a good giggle off it
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    Question: 84 hood on a 89 corvette

    Well its done............. Lets just say it really is a pita to put a 84 hood on a 89 ect. You have to use the hinges from the 89 also the lights from the 89 but the wheel covers from the 84 and you have to cut some of the wheel cover off just enough to make your seals work. You must cut a area...
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    Help! Cold Start & High Idle on 86

    Have you checked your ignition timing on the vette yet? Make sure you warm it up and unplug the timing advance wire to do the timing correctly It always helps to have someone to help you. Also have you done a tps and idle adjust reset mine did alot better after that. Of course exhaust leaks...
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    Question: 84 hood on a 89 corvette

    We mocked it up and put the hinges on it works really well we did have to cut out the cross fire intake crap on inside of hood but that wasnt a hard ordeal. Getting it painted rite now and will have it put on with pictures showing what you have to cut to make it fit pretty soon thanks for the info
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    1990 zr1 chrome wheels with tires and center caps

    1990 zr1 wheels with tires and center caps. The rims are in great shape one is accented in black but will come rite off got bored and wanted to see what it would look like with black plastidip then took it all off but the accents it looks good im my opinion I would do them all that way but it is...
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    Question: 84 hood on a 89 corvette

    PS Im sure I can but the headlights will work rite?!? they are all the same from c4s??? the hood came with lights that work and id rather not change them if possible
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    Question: 84 hood on a 89 corvette

    Well I took the hood and front clip off today to put on mine I mocked the hood up to mine and it fits really well Id say I have 1 to 1 1/2 inches of clearance from the runners looks good I will post again later when I put it on the only thing im worried about is the ac compressor it is awefull...
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    1989 wont start - covered all the bases

    Well the only way to test it really is to do a sweep test on it im not sure what wires to prong into with ohm meter or what the specs are but type it in on the forum and it should tell you... I knew it was the problem as mine was all melted on the screen inside the maf. Take it off look at the...
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    1989 wont start - covered all the bases

    Silly question im sure but is your Mass Air Flow working properly mine went bad and did same thing wouldnt start without a good sensor just asking.
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