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    Question: C4 Power Seat Track Gears / Repair

    Send me your e-mail address and I'll forward an e-mail I got from Keen parts.It has 2 pictures with it.They just started selling rebuilt seat transmissions.$99 ea.I plan on ordering one later this year.
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    Parting out a 1970 coupe

    I need the lower mounting bracket for the alternator.Mounts to the exh. manifold I think.
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    1971 Owners Manual for sale

    I'LL take it.shipping to 53590? {1971 manual}
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    WTB speaker for the door, 88 with Bose

    I have 2 bose speakers from my ex-84.I can't remember front or rear.I can take a pic if your interested.
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    rivet bumps on hood of car

    So once the rivets are removed the bumps disappear?
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    Edelbrock manifold, carb and tires for sale

    PICS PLEASE,Any thing wrong with any of the wheels?
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    Edelbrock manifold, carb and tires for sale

    Are the wheels and tires still availible?How much to ship to 53590?
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