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    79 vette dash removal

    I need to remove and repair the clock on my '79. What is the procedure for removing the dash panel. Do you have to go thru removing the center console first. The Corvette service manual and assembly manual don't seem to cover this and I want to know what I'm getting into before charging ahead...
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    1975 Corvette Build Sheet Location and Ordering Original Dealer Invoice?

    Does anyone have a webaddress of phone # for Allied-Vaughn? I googled it and didn't get anything useful..........
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    Replacing the clock in my 79

    Thx 73shark. I've looked at the earlier c3s and know what you're talking about. Mine looks like the console plate covers over the bottom of the dash and I'd like to know abit about how much work I'm headed toward.....
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    Replacing the clock in my 79

    I need to remove and replace the clock in my dash. Any special instructions on removing the dash? Do I have to remove the shift (manual, not automatic) console cover first? Thanx. peedee
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