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  1. J

    Question: headlight motor gear replacement

    I have bought a new gear for my 1990 headlight motor. Anyone know of a web site that will give me step by step instructions on how to replace the old one
  2. J

    msd ignition

    hypertech I have ordered a hypertech chip but it is out of stock and they are waiting on it. Do you reccommend I use a different prom than hypertech or just not to upgrade the chip at all?
  3. J

    msd ignition

    I have a 1990 in wich the original L98 motor killed over and I replaced it with a zz4 motor. I am still using the TPI but with some upgrades. I was thinking of using a 6AL MSD ignition but I was told that with that years computer it would not work. If I put in a hypertech chip will the MSD work...
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