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  1. DRC

    C8 Order Numbers and Status Updates

    You can check your own C8 status 2 different ways and get your status answered immediately. #1: Chevrolet Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Crossovers and Vans - click on the lower right hand corner you have the option to start a chat, follow the prompts and you'll get your status answered. #2 Call the...
  2. DRC

    Valet 4 digit pin on a C 8

    Changing Valet 4 digit pin on a C 8 is this possible. I'd like to change the 4 digit pin I started with, I have searched several times but can not find a answer. Everything that comes up I know the answer to, except for if I can change the 4 digit number for valet.
  3. DRC

    egr and ads superchip

    The only place the EGR might be important is in cold weather, otherwise it’s a waisted part. The tuner turned it off, tuners do this for a good reason. Pretty much all you can do is try to get a tune that doesn’t mess with the EGR if your that persistent to have it functioning. With it unplugged...
  4. DRC

    Noisy fans and higher idle when hot outside

    First Corvette new things for me. A couple of concerns, First with outside temps 110*-115* both fans in front are pretty noisy and run constantly, from what I've read is normal. Are they suppose to shut off and on or stay on until it cools down to a particular temp. The engine coolant temps are...
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