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  1. Bobsvette

    Help! Parking brake way to tight.

    First off I want to thank you guy's for responding to my problem. Got it figured out yesterday, The pads that I had bought were from advance auto and they were wearever pad's not wagner's. I went up to the closest parts store that carried AC-Delco pad's, problem solved, the only difference is...
  2. Bobsvette

    Help! Parking brake way to tight.

    Yes, I did put on new rotors and they do have a coating on them but really minimal.Here's the web site I bought them from Premium Cross-Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotors I like the two idea's you gave me. The box for the pads are out in the garage, had it for today, really hot and humid here...
  3. Bobsvette

    Help! Parking brake way to tight.

    Thank's so much for the info. I just got back from a local chevy dealer and had a talk with their corvette mech, and it seems like I did everything right but he did ask me if I had the pistons fully collasped in the calipers and I want to say yes because I used a large c-clamp with an old pad to...
  4. Bobsvette

    Help! Parking brake way to tight.

    Hib, thank's for getting back to me so quick. The two questions you asked me was one did i tetract the pistons the answer is believe I did using a c-clamp and one of the old pads. As for the parking brake levers I don't have a clue as to what the right position should be The only Service Manual...
  5. Bobsvette

    Help! Parking brake way to tight.

    Hi everyone, haven't been on in a while but I need some help. Yesterday I put new pad's and rotors all around my LT-4 and had no problems until I went to put the rear caliper with new pads on the rear, kind of had to force them on, all the research that I have done keep's steering me to the...
  6. Bobsvette

    Hello from a New User

    Congrat's enjoy the ride! :thumb
  7. Bobsvette

    LT4 Roof Leak

    Maybe a dumb question but did you clean the weather stripping really good? (both sides) if so there is a product that you can purchase from a pool supply store that is a lubricant for a pool filter O-Ring that I use and it makes a really tight seal, offhand I can't remember the name of it but...
  8. Bobsvette

    Help! Won't Start

    Wow it's been quite awhile since I logged on to post anything and I'm surprised no one has replied yet. I think your right going with the starter you might have a dead spot inside. try giving it a smack wherever you can get at it, from under or from the top using a long drift. Good Luck.
  9. Bobsvette

    New member in Gainesville 96 LT4

    Great feeling ain't it? Congratulation's :thumb Good solid engine...... LT-4's
  10. Bobsvette

    LT4 Also a New CE LT4 Owner

    First of all congrat's on your new ride :thumb For the temp, don't worry that's normal. during the summer when i drive mine and it's hot out or sitting at a light longer than usual the temp creeps up sometimes to 230 maybe 234 but thats when the fans kick on and it starts to drop. when you...
  11. Bobsvette

    Question: Exhaust

    Lesson learned .:thumb I guess when something is in print it can be interpreted different ways, Pulled the trigger to quick. :beer
  12. Bobsvette

    Question: Exhaust

    Really, you think I don't know that my 96 is a C4 and the car were talking about is a C3 ? The guy was looking for suggestions and I gave him mine just like some one else posted what they liked. Just opions like I said in my first post. also in my opinion flowmasters really don't sound like...
  13. Bobsvette

    Question: Exhaust

    I have corsa's on my LT4 and can't believe how many compliments I get on how it sounds, Long trips no problem. I would have them on my 99 but that has Z-06 exhaust on it. Talk to five people and you will get five different opinions , I wouldn't want my cars to sound like some of the pick-up...
  14. Bobsvette

    2012 Chevy Sonic with 1.4L Turbo Hits 40 MPG on Highway

    No kidding, I didn't know you were involved with a great program like that! From what I have read and seen that's one big azz rocket!! Good to see thing's are still moving forward. :happyanim:
  15. Bobsvette

    2012 Chevy Sonic with 1.4L Turbo Hits 40 MPG on Highway

    D, So you trading in that bad LS-6 for one? ;LOL Bob.
  16. Bobsvette

    LT4 LT4 Badge

    Wow, Maybe I should put ins. on just the badge! ;LOLBut seriously I hope you find one.:beer
  17. Bobsvette

    LT4 1996 LT-4 aquq metallic blue pictures from Bornwild

    I kinda like that color too! Congrat's on that LT-4 :beer
  18. Bobsvette

    Does anyone know the cheapest way to get a 2006 C6 coupe to look like a 2010 GS

    Wouch, if he's not happy with what he has maybe he should wear a zorro mask when he drive's it. :L
  19. Bobsvette

    Chevy Is Back....God Bless The USA

    Great video Remo! :pat
  20. Bobsvette

    1996 Lt-4 Aqua Metallic Blue corvette

    Congrat's, I'll bet it's a really great color on a LT-4 :beer
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