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  1. RodsnRides

    1967 coupe with under 3K miles

    Been awhile since I have posted, although I "lurk" occassionally. I looked around the Forum and didn't see this posted. Amazing story: 1967 CORVETTE – Wonder what the new owner paid? Anyone else know of this car?
  2. RodsnRides

    63 RestoMod Versus Restoration

    Resto-Mod Okay, well, you asked our opinion, so here is my 2% of a dollar: If it was a coupe, I would restore it. It's a 'vert. Mod it. You are already missing the original motor, and who knows what else. You did not say if it was a fuelie car, or with knock off wheels or sidepipes-all...
  3. RodsnRides

    Most essential piece in your garage?

    Tools I'm with DarkShark and Grumpyvette. You gotta have the tools. I realize for some, the garage is a storage place for the 'Vette. For me, it's a work zone. Those tools include the books of knowledge. I probably have about 75% of grumpy's collection, including some Chevrolet and...
  4. RodsnRides

    The Only Pininfarina-Bodied 1963 Corvette 'Rondine' Concept to Be Sold at Barrett-

    Hmmm. Interesting. Wonder what $ it will fetch...?:confused With tongue planted firmly in cheek, I'll say that I like Larry Shinoda's design better. I'll stop there.;) Thanks for sharing.:) Rick :gap McMurdo Station, Antarctica
  5. RodsnRides

    C5 or C4?????

    Txt Msg That's an abbreviation by Dwayne...(6 Shooter) L8TR = Later, as in, see you later (CUL8R) - D = Dwayne, as in, "Dwayne the bathtub, I'm drowning" :boogie It's all good. ;) Rick :gap
  6. RodsnRides

    C5 or C4?????

    Bargain That e-bay car seems like a bargain to me. How unique is that with the red interior? I would want that car at that price. Wow. Rick :gap
  7. RodsnRides


    Wow Gee, that's a shame. My guess: more car than driver...:( Or, more dollars than sense...;squint: Rick :gap McMurdo Station, Antarctica
  8. RodsnRides

    Base Timing/Centrifigal Advance w/Pertronix Ignitor II

    Hi there - I am running a Pertronix as well, but not sure of the difference between a I and a II. Although it's a bit more effort, you could always remove the springs and weights altogether to set your base timing, then reassemble. This way would work. Also gives you a chance to lube...
  9. RodsnRides

    C-3 Photos

    '70 or '71 Well, it's not a '73, but it's a 1970 or 1971 by the "white" park lens. '72 has amber...:) Sharp car, nice photo! :upthumbs Rick :gap
  10. RodsnRides

    Where to Measure Float Level

    Agreed I have to agree with Mike. I usually measure in from the "toe" (closest to carb center). Can't recall just now but I think it's 3/8" - 7/16". I also hold everything with my thumb and forefinger and turn the bowl upside down and see where the float "drops" to and give a good visual...
  11. RodsnRides

    '71 Convertible body and frame

    Saw this ad in the local Craigslist. Thought I would post it here, thinking someone might need a frame...? Or a project? Might be helpful to somebody. http://denver.craigslist.org/pts/420118069.html Rick :gap
  12. RodsnRides

    C-3 Photos

    Aw. shucks... Thank you, Bob! I appreciate that. :upthumbs There are a lot of nice cars in here. I like all Corvettes!:v I have been toying with the idea of putting '78 Pace Car wheels on. I think the red pinstripe on the wheels might go well with the red interior and red pinstripes...
  13. RodsnRides

    C-3 Photos

    Cool! Wow, there are some nice cars and great shots here. Bud (Rare 81) sent a PM with a suggestion, so I am going to give it a try. This is when I first got the car in August, 2004: Rick :gap
  14. RodsnRides

    C-3 Photos

    My 1972 383, Auto, 3:08 Targa Blue wiith Red Vinyl Rick :gap p.s. How is it you guys are able to "go large" and post "big shots" and I can only do postage stamps...?
  15. RodsnRides

    My '67 BB Hood, Courtesy of Disco Stu at Carlisle

    Ha ha ha You guys crack me up. ;LOL:boogie I love this place. Happy Friday, everyone! p.s. 4 weekends before deployment to Antarctica. Gotta get some miles on the 'Vette before I go... Rick :gap
  16. RodsnRides

    September 2007: The Ever-Changing World of Internet Business and Car Forums

    What they said... I'm with the previous posters. Rob, you have done a great job, and you have a top staff of Mods and Admins.:upthumbs I, too, checked out the other sites and forums, and was not impressed. Then I found CAC. Adult, fun, honest, sincere, helpful. CAC rocks!:_rock Like the...
  17. RodsnRides

    73 vette

    Heat Soak is correct! Yes, this has happened to me as well. No fun in the middle of Wyoming at some barren rest stop.:eyerole My solution was to replace the starter with a lifetime guarantee one. For purists, I kept the original and used another old Chevy starter as a core. Recommend you...
  18. RodsnRides

    New Acquisition

    I agree with too much black, but I think there are some styles out there that would look good. I just looked at the "black car" thread in the ORL but the Z06 I was looking for is now just a red "x", and I didn't see anything else in there that I was really drawn to. A nice mixture of black...
  19. RodsnRides

    New Acquisition

    Nice ride, Patrick Verrrry Niice...!:upthumbs That is one sweet ride. Congratulations. Love the banter going on here, too.;LOL Good move. Regarding upgrades, I like the mesh grille, think I would pass on the lowering, though. The roads, driveways and general conditions here are not...
  20. RodsnRides

    air cleaner clearance

    Yes-Special Order Thank you for the compliment. :upthumbs Yes, that is a Red Vinyl interior (code 407) under that Targa Blue paint (code 979). I have the Tank Sticker and Window Sticker, built June 1972. No way of knowing how many cars with that combination were built, but there sure...
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