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  1. WolfPlayer

    Question: ID this CAM

    ^^^ Awesome. Thank you very much. t
  2. WolfPlayer

    News: 79 Top-End Rebuild

    I contribute some of the easy startup to a little trick I learned quite some time ago. I recommend this to everybody I know. I'll let Jeff post the picture when he gets a chance. However, long story short, find yourself an old distributor cap that you would normally throw away. Cut a huge...
  3. WolfPlayer

    News: 79 Top-End Rebuild

    The new compression given the TRW pistons is around 9.75:1. She should run cool enough with that compression given the proper fueling and timing. I've seen a couple situations where the actual temperature sender is wrong. I am hoping that this isn't the case at this juncture. What I am...
  4. WolfPlayer

    Help! Water Pump Pulley Problem

    Jeff, Also make sure that there was ample material removed from the pump. As the pump and pulley heat up, they will expand (and at different rates because of the aluminum pump and the steel pulley). There needs to be ample room to freely spin as that stuff heats up. t
  5. WolfPlayer

    Help! Fuel Pump Removal

    One more thing down. Woohoo! :beer t
  6. WolfPlayer

    Question: Cylinder Head Removal

    Nope. You have the pics of the core on your camera. They will be directly before or after the one you posted above. Good thing we are doing the heads! You might have already had a performance cam in there :( In all honesty, I wouldn't be surprised if it did have one. The car felt a little...
  7. WolfPlayer

    Question: Cylinder Head Removal

    Jeff, I grabbed some pics of the cam core - including the various markings on it (those pics should be on your camera too). We should be able to verify by looking at those pics (or just grabbing the cam and examining it). ... my first post :) Tim
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