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  1. Sensei

    700 R4 hydraulic lockup system for 1981 Corvette

    I did all of the install myself, but it has been a few years... I used a BTO tubular cross member made for the swap. It seems I remember people talking about an easy modification to the original '81 CROSSMEMBER (not frame) that would make it work. I would research this. Take the plug from...
  2. Sensei

    New Door Panels

    What color is your interior. I have a set of perfect dark blue door panels I would love to see get a good home. God bless, Sensei
  3. Sensei

    Hypertech Power Chip

    Every thing works fine with the chip. It is not a huge "seat of the pants" power booster by itself, but it does give you a bit more agressive timing curve which helps with performance and makes more of a difference as you add other modifications to the engine. God bless, Sensei
  4. Sensei

    1981 Service/Repair literature for sale

    As you guys know, I lost my baby recently. I did all the work that was ever done on the car myself, so I had a fairly extensive library of manuals. Here is what I have available: I have the following general C3 repair manuals for sale: Haynes '68-'82 Corvette: a bit greasy but complete and...
  5. Sensei

    My heartbreak. Please come in.

    Shocks, dash and tail lights are spoken for. If you are running an open air filter element and would like to get the original dual snorkle cold air intake (including a good K&N filter), let me know. It is a great set up and would be a shame to waste. God bless, Cris
  6. Sensei

    My heartbreak. Please come in.

    The Bilstein shocks are off and all are great. $125 + shipping for all 4. God bless, Cris
  7. Sensei

    My heartbreak. Please come in.

    For anyone who does not know about this, he is talking about a voltage adjuster circuit I built to allow a larger cam (less vacuum) with the CCC system. If interested, I would sell this devise cheap. God bless, Cris
  8. Sensei

    My heartbreak. Please come in.

    I feel like I lost a family member, I can't replace it. I may feel differently some time in the future, but right now, that's where I am at. P.S. Carb is sold. Thanks Bill.
  9. Sensei

    My heartbreak. Please come in.

    This past weekend while I was out of town, my Vette was stolen and totaled. They slammed the left front wheel into a cement post, shattering the wheel and left front fender and breaking the frame just ahead of the motor mount. I am heartbroken. I bought it about 9 years ago and have gone...
  10. Sensei

    Engine timing

    Yes, you get better performance with the timing advanced. Will you suddenly be turning 10s at the strip? No! But there will be improvement. 10-14 is the range you want to be in, the more the better so long as you do NOT experience detonation. God bless, Sensei
  11. Sensei

    Question: E4ME low rpm throttle response and mileage with mild engine upgrade

    The original carb does require some special tools and know how (which is available here) to set up correctly, but once it is set up, it is hard to beat. As far as your cam choice, you are going too mild! I know the most common mistake in hot rodding is too much cam, but for a Vette, you need...
  12. Sensei

    Performance tuning the E4ME carb

    Check this thread: http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/l81-vette-registry-forum/112430-those-modified-engines-original-carb.html God bless, Sensei
  13. Sensei

    Christmas Wishes

    Merry Christmas! God bless, Sensei
  14. Sensei

    Question: What is the (no BS) true tint color of the glass T-Tops for the L81's???

    Gerry, I did quite a bit of research on this subject several years ago and here is the "no BS" story. The tops were made with toxic metals in the glass (I think mercury, but I do not really remember). Anyway, the process was banned, so you cannot get new tops made to original specs. Also, the...
  15. Sensei

    Naming my Vette

    You guys that have names for your rides have me thinking. I just call it the Vette. Gail, Black Dog, Rare, etc. So what do I call mine? It runs great but needs carpet, seat covers and paint (badly). So I was thinking, "Old Ugly"? No, that's what they call my gun! Crusty? The paint is peeling off...
  16. Sensei

    Intake Manifold Color

    They were natural, but many have some blue overspray on them. God bless, Sensei
  17. Sensei

    E4ME Jet Size

    Like everyone has said, the primary jets and rods are unique. They only come in one size that I am aware of, which I believe is 72 (I quit looking at them years ago when I figured out they were all the same). The good news is that the E4ME primary metering system can flow plenty of fuel when it...
  18. Sensei

    Air Mixture Solenoid connector color

    It is. Black or blue are both fine (mine is blue). God bless, Sensei
  19. Sensei

    1981 ECM Prom or Hypertech Power Chip??

    I use the Hypertech Thermomaster Power Chip with no problems. Don't expect huge performance gains, but they work well enough. God bless, Sensei
  20. Sensei

    E4ME settings, timing, what else????

    I use vacuum reading to adjust idle mixture: adjust idle mixture screws, keeping the idle speed constant, until you find the setting that gives highest vacuum, then make final idle air valve adjustment. I have a comp 262 cam and get about 15"-16" vacuum. I'm not sure your 268 should be that...
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