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  1. Corvette-Pilot

    Video: 2014 Corvette - It's All in the Calibration

    Is this going to be another "digital" dash like the early C4s?? :ugh
  2. Corvette-Pilot

    2014 Corvette Trailer 1: CONCEPTION | 2014 Corvette

    Don't care for the "zebra" paint job though :L
  3. Corvette-Pilot

    Tomorrow we’ll show you the C7 Corvette (can't say if its real or BS but here goes)

    If this turns out to be true I think it's pretty cool so far. As we have seen from the past, "new" is hard for many.
  4. Corvette-Pilot

    The Waiting, The Sweating: Air Conditioning Poll

    On my way to the mall I would have had the AC on so when I restart the car it is still on. There is NO purpose to wait ??? At the most I will drive a short distance with the windows open just to get the super heated air out.
  5. Corvette-Pilot

    Give away price on a yellow '06 Z06???? (Washington Metro Area)

    Crush it !! That seems a bit extreme ?? I'd buy it, just have 10 years worth of getting in/out done in a couple months but it still has no real miles on it
  6. Corvette-Pilot

    Millennium Yellow vs Quicksilver

    Easy Yellow because it is different. Just about every other car on the street is silver, how boring
  7. Corvette-Pilot

    what gas mileage do you get

    17-18 city, can't complain for 300HP
  8. Corvette-Pilot

    Keyless entry

    Same here. I think that was about what I paid too
  9. Corvette-Pilot

    Window tint with rear defogger

    What do you need a defroster for in Florida?? Should be fine, my winter car is tinted over the defrosters and I have no issues
  10. Corvette-Pilot


    :upthumbs That's the way I went and have no complaints !
  11. Corvette-Pilot

    This is so cool!! I want one!

    Way :cool :upthumbs
  12. Corvette-Pilot

    94 Parking Emergency Brake Adjustment Questions

    Tried the heat trick. The screws are put in with thread lock. The brakes were done at the dealership just before I bought the car so they never adjusted them in the first place. I took it back but they had lots of excusses but no solution.
  13. Corvette-Pilot

    94 Parking Emergency Brake Adjustment Questions

    Nope ??? Just got lucky and the inspection station I went to this year didn't check it. I know it is an issue with those damn little set screws but I broke 2 wrenches trying to get them out. They are going to have to be drilled and replaced I guess.
  14. Corvette-Pilot

    LT4 '96 LT4 Collectors Edition Coupe

    Hmmm I'm getting divorced and the wife is likely getting the 94 Vette so I might have some interest. Can you email me some pics.
  15. Corvette-Pilot

    Vettes For Sale

    I have to bookmark this link ! Getting divorced and I think the wife (ex) will be getting the 94 Vette :cry I might have to get a C5 to make myself feel better :upthumbs But I need to wait until the judge finalizes it or else see might end up with 2 Vettes :mad So if you get some great...
  16. Corvette-Pilot

    Model cement -- glue

    ??? Haven't built a model in so long. Getting lazy in my old age and just buy diecasts :L Ask the guys at the hobby store on your next visit
  17. Corvette-Pilot

    How long is the C4/C5battery life when garaged?

    The first winter I had my 94 I disconected the battery but it was still dead. Bought one of those battery tender/minders and it has worked great
  18. Corvette-Pilot

    Post a pic of your Wheels! (and point me in the right direction)

    Got these from OE Conceprt in Fl off ebay. $450 shipped, new lugs, stems and locks !!
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