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  1. jnj

    Radio Info Loss

    Greetings, First, I have a 2006 Base Coupe with the stock Head Unit with GPS. Lately, when I start her up I see that the unit goes to the radio channel selector screen and it has reset itself to Eastern Time Zone. When I turn off the car, I am on a map page and I am set to Pacific Time Zone...
  2. jnj

    High Mileage Oil Weight

    Losing maybe up to 1 Qt in more like 2k miles. Just enough for the Low Oil Level to show on DIC. Stick is at the ADD hole
  3. jnj

    High Mileage Oil Weight

    My 2001 has just over 192,000 and is starting to lose some oil between changes (5000 miles) I use the recommended 5w30 Full Synthetic. My question is with that mileage should I step up to a heavier oil like 10w30 or perhaps something else. As for where its going, there doesn't seem to be any...
  4. jnj

    Brake Pedal Feeling

    Alright, I've got a new one here. Car - 2001 with 173k on the clock. I know the car needs a SWPS replaced as that code constantly shows up. Once in a while I get a TCS - No Comm, with the ABS Light showing, but that doesn't stay long. Codes that have shown are (TCS) C1242 / C1287 / C1288 (PCM)...
  5. jnj

    C6 seats in a C5

    Here is something I found concerning the electrical between C5 and C6 Seats VetteWorks, Vetteworks is the manufacturer of Sharkbar Corvette Harness Bars
  6. jnj

    C6 seats in a C5

    Can anyone tell me if C6 seats will fit into C5? My seats are shot beyond rebuilding. Found on a local marketplace someone selling fairly good condition seats out of a C6 Any challenges with electrical connections? Seat belt retractor? Thank you
  7. jnj

    HUS replacement

    HUD replacement Friends, Is it possible to replace the HUD from the top bezel without removing the entire dash. 2001 Convertible, I can hear it rattling around when on bumpy or rough pavement Thanks
  8. jnj

    remote Start

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience with the Viper remote Start / Alarm. Thanks in advance.
  9. jnj

    Inside Front Window

    Guys, Who has the best method for cleaning the inside of the front window? No matter what I do, I get streaks, missed areas or an overall fogginess. I should mention that my left shoulder is not what it once was, and I am left handed. So, Ammonia?, Windex?, Paper towels?, Newspaper? ........
  10. jnj


    Guys, Does anyone have any issues with adding gas to your cars? I've tried several stations and different brands. After 4 or so gallons, the pump clicks off. Then I must hold the nozzle up (facing down the tube). Just removing the nozzle and restarting only works for a few seconds. Strange huh?
  11. jnj

    Opinions Wanted...Which is the better buy

    And 1 more showing the old and the new
  12. jnj

    Opinions Wanted...Which is the better buy

    And, here she is
  13. jnj

    Opinions Wanted...Which is the better buy

    Hey Guys, Thank you for all the help. I did indeed get the 2008 Coupe.:w
  14. jnj

    Opinions Wanted...Which is the better buy

    2007 Coupe with 18k miles $29971.00 or 2008 Coupe with 32k miles $31988.00 Both Crystal Red Metallic Both Automatic 2008 has factory nav Thanks JnJ
  15. jnj

    C6 Challenges and known issues

    Guys, Considering trading the C5 in for a C6 in the very near future. Are there any challenges and known issues with the C6's and what years are better than others. Thank you~
  16. jnj

    HELP! Running very rough

    Guys, Last night, all of a sudden she started making a noise like a broken valve or something internal. Idled very rough and sounded like a cylinder was missing. Limped the next 5 miles home with the check engine light blinking. This morning I pulled the following codes: B2283 B2284 B2285 P0300...
  17. jnj

    Steering Position Sensor / CA Smog Test

    Friends, I have a code showing the steering position sensor needs attention. Apparently this code is not letting the computer clear and in California, I cannot pass the Smog Test, even though all the emissions test passed with flying colors. Short of replacing the sensor (not an option right...
  18. jnj

    Sway Bar

    Cool Thank you~
  19. jnj

    Sway Bar

    Yes I believe it is one of the hollow ones. I had no tools to remove it, so it is currently zip tied to the lower a frame. The break was on the outer side of the bushing carrier. Do the end links need to be replaced as well? Thank you~
  20. jnj

    Sway Bar

    Has anyone experienced a rear sway bar snapping at the insulator nuts? This just happened to my 2001 on the right side. Are they easy to replace? I see so many choices for adjustable bars, solid and hollow bars, what would be the best replacement, stock of aftermarket? Thank you~
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