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    1967 corvette 427 stinger hood stripe and stencile kit for panting

    looking for info on painting the stinger hood scoop (427 stinger hood 1967 ) the owner will not use a decal and i can't blame him. the people at Dynamic corvettes have been really nice and we want to do them right by painting the hood complete and having never had one to do ask for help. At 71...
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    1996 VATS bypass kit plug and play

    who has used a VATS bypass kit for a 1996 grand sport and who made it thanks for any help you send my way Wayne:)
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    Help! 96 vette with VATS removal

    anybody have great luck with a bypass for the Vats security system in their 96 vette ? like to find a plug and play system that leaves the wiring intact thanks for the help Wayne:)
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    Question: catalytic converter for california in 1996 grand sport

    thanks Hib Halverson Thanks Hib for showing interest in my question.no the 96 grand sport passes with flying colors (smog) but always looking for that 1%-2% that hides.I tell young guys that we started with indexing spark plugs and different motor oils back in the days of SFV drag strip. my...
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    Question: catalytic converter for california in 1996 grand sport

    has anyone replaced their CATS with new and found one better then another one. it has to be CARB but since I want to replace them and TIG in better ones. stainless is the way I want to go. Everyone have a Merry Xmas and a safe holiday Wayne
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    Help! wanted a 1960 bell housing 3779553 for a 1960 C1 4 speed T10 thanks

    need a clean alum bell housing 3779553 no weld/cracks/repairs thanks wayne
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    Help! goodyear tires for C4 ?

    what is every one else doing to try to keep Goodyear eagle F1 on their C4 Vettes? you can get 255/45zr17 for left and right and only 1 side of the 285/40zr17 GS-D3 . And this has been going on for over 1 year. what is everyone else doing in a Goodyear tire? thanks for the help Wayne :):):)
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    Question: 1964 corvette wheel alignment shop

    looking for a alignment shop that will do a 1964 corvette right. tried two shops here in the SO-CAL area and all they did was mess up the PPG paint since we completly rebuild the running gear on this vette, can not get the toe-in right on the rear trailing arms (0-1/8"). we got it close but...
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    Help! grounds location on a 1964 corvette

    having a bit of a time with a 1964 coupe and some grounding problems, and with all my factory shop manuals they show splice connection but not locations and would like to clean up connection other than adding more ground paths to neg battery. this is a factory 34,000 mile car with no added...
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    Help! GM # 10261112 PKE module

    thanks i just email them with the info, so lets see what happens,thanks again wayne
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    Help! GM # 10261112 PKE module

    thanks for the info i think you mean FOB ,like what hangs on your key ring not a PKE (passive keyless entry module) that hides behind the DIC, and only there to help keep chime module warm and happy. but thanks for your help wayne
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    Help! GM # 10261112 PKE module

    GM # 10261112 PKE module Reply to Thread thanks for the help,but they say it is on backorder as of today with no idea of when it will be available again thanks again wayne
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    Help! GM # 10261112 PKE module

    thanks tom i am new at this thanks tom i am new at this
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    Help! GM # 10261112 PKE module

    anyone have any luck buying a PKE module for a C4 in the last few months, if so where? thanks :confused
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