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  1. kgelliott

    Corvette Chosen As one of the 'Sexiest Cars' for 2007

    :dancenaughty Yup, that's us!!
  2. kgelliott

    The new Crystal Red - And guess what the owner is going to do with it...

    I was in BG today touring the assembly plant. The most popular color today on the line was the new crystal red! In fact, in the section of the NCM for delivery, 4 sat there during the middle of the afternoon, all crystal red! Needless to say, I got to see a bunch of that color Corvette today...
  3. kgelliott

    2007 Model Year Production Summary

    Nice, informative link. Thanks!! :w
  4. kgelliott

    A fast visit to world's only Corvette assembly plant, museum

    Took my second tour of the assembly plant today. I got to see more stuff happening that I didn't notice the first time through earlier this year. Great tour for any Corvette lover! :beer
  5. kgelliott

    2007 Model Year Production Summary

    Any numbers for A6 and M6? Just curious. ;shrug
  6. kgelliott

    CD Problem

    I have a problem with my basic, single disc player also. I only have commercially produced discs, so it is not my burn technique causing it. After several songs into the CD, it suddenly stops playing and goes to the radio. I thought it was heat, but the CD itself is never hot to the touch. I...
  7. kgelliott

    C6 Ash tray

    I read a thread about this problem on another web site. It discussed how you take the tray out, then glue some extra plastic onto the end of the little extension arm. Then you have to file this down to make it fit so it can be grasped and held by the part inside, only better. Mine comes open...
  8. kgelliott

    C6 hail damage experience

    I have read that the Vette's body is more forgiving of hail than a regular metal car's body. However, the problem is the nearly flat surfaces of the windsheild and hatch that were susceptible.
  9. kgelliott

    Do you folks name you cars?

    My first car was a '67 green w/ white vynal top Must. = Limey Liz(zard) Current family Clubwagon = Valdez or Land Yacht First Vette, '72 coupe = Silver Shark Current Vette = Red Rocket
  10. kgelliott

    Post a Picture of Your C6's Vanity Plate

    Nice one! Was that what your wife called it when she saw the sticker?!?:boogie
  11. kgelliott

    Why So Few C6 Posts Lately?

    TTT ToTheTop :confused
  12. kgelliott

    Front License Plate

    Here's a pic of the NCM bracket that mounts on the front air-dam, out of sight yet trying to be partially legal! I have the spirit of the law going for me, at least!! :L
  13. kgelliott

    Clutch Chatter on 2007

    Are you sure it's the clutch? The normal C6 chatter issue is the differential chatter that is widely discussed. Is it most noticable when in a very slow, tight reverse turn, as when backing out of the garage or parking spot? There is a manufacturer's bulletin out about it and a flush of the...
  14. kgelliott

    Replacement Roof Success!!!

    What was wrong with your top? Glad you and your car were treated so well! :cool
  15. kgelliott

    2007 Indy Pace Car Convertible Has Arrived!!

    Those new Pace Cars are beautiful to see in person. Took a picture at Bloomington Gold and on display at the NCM last week. The larger picture was put in the Museum delivery area while I was there, waiting for some lucky new owner! The other was just put in the huge display hall as I watched.
  16. kgelliott

    Post a Picture of Your C6's Vanity Plate

    Come on...don't be shy!! :chuckle You paid good money so people could see it!
  17. kgelliott

    Who's Visited the NCM with their 'Vette?

    More NCM Pics Here are a few more NCM shots from last week. The first one is from the back side where they have marked off (you can see a stake to the right of my car) the area to begin construction of the upcoming expansion! This last one is across the street by the assembly plant. I loved...
  18. kgelliott

    How old is the "average" C6 buyer?

    I got a base model as I don't like electronic gizmos and such that frustrate me and require reading glasses to operate! I've learned that the more there is to go wrong, the more usually does. Now, does that sound like an old fart or what?!?!:boogie I have added a few minor appearance mods, but...
  19. kgelliott

    Corvette's automatic is no longer a compromise

    I read Terry Box in our local (Dallas) paper regularly. I especially like his reviews about the cars I like! He has good "voice" that resonates with car lovers. Always a good read. :w
  20. kgelliott

    Investment Vettes

    The first pic is from Bloomington Gold last week where they had a display tent with about 10 of them sitting there! Pretty cool. The second picture shows one they brought into the main hall at NCM while I was there last Monday. Other pics show the display of all the old ones at the NCM while my...
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