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    Is Mobil 1 the best choice?

    On other C5 forums if you bad mouth Mobil 1 you get flamed horribly. I have always wondered how it compares in reality to other brands. Not enough to go experimenting but curiosity has always been there.
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    Help! Discontinued GM part

    I hope you are not paying the dealer to repair the hazard switch. They will take off the entire dash and charge you a boat load. The switch can be reached by removing the radio in your driveway in about an hour.
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    LS6 springs, cam and heads

    I have read that article a few times. It reads that they increased the length of the valves to accommodate the smaller base circle. So if you use shorter valves like the ones in the 01 and older heads you need longer pushrods to accommodate. It then goes on to read that without the lighter...
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    LS6 springs, cam and heads

    Thanks for the insight. For springs I was going to go with the PAC 1218s just because of all of the broken LS6 spring threads I have ever read. It is very hard to find the 02+ hollow and sodium filled valves so what I was told I could do is use a different length pushrod to take up the...
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    LS6 springs, cam and heads

    I have a 00 LS1, so far it only has bolt on modifications (LS6 intake, headers etc) I picked up from a local shop a perfect condition 02 LS6 cam and a set of 01 LS6 heads. I know that the 01 LS6 heads dont have the lighter valves but are they the same length as the 02+ LS6 valves. Also, the...
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    GM performance oil pump

    Now that is the million dollar question. On the other corvette site, an oem replacement is the bad way to go when you do get a new pump. A high volume, standard pressure pump is what is always recommended. Various companies sell a ported LS6 or a melling. I can see the point made that when...
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    GM performance oil pump

    My biggest reason for looking at it is that retail on this pump from any major vendor is 30-40 dollars cheaper than an oem replacement. it may not be a huge amount but when you are doing a head and cam swap, every dollar saved as long as it is a quality part is a dollar than can go elsewhere.
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    GM performance oil pump

    someone has got to know something about this pump
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    GM performance oil pump

    Has anyone ever used this particular pump. It is GM part #17801830. All I ever see people talk about is the LS6 pump or a melling but this one is advertised as a high volume standard pressure pump for the LS engine. They are all over the internet for like 80 bucks shipped which is considerably...
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    Bullets gotta go

    My wife has decided that the B&B bullets are just too loud for her. Id like to either trade for something a little quieter or even a stock z06 ti system or sell them out right for 500 plus shipping. They are 3 months old with maybe 1000 miles on them. It is the dual tip system.
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    Wheel weights won't clear calipers

    You know, the other corvette forums touts the Hankook as one of the best tires known to man. As far as Korean automotive quality. When I was stationed in Korea 2 years ago we took a tour of the Hyundai plant as well as a Hankook plant. Their attention to detail and quality is top notch. They...
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    First Dyno Run

    may have missed it but manual or auto?
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    dang it

    it is on North US 1 between the 404 and Viera I just got to FL and havent changed my profile yet. right hand lane, I went back today to look for it and if it is where I think it is, the hole is a lot smaller than I figured it would be. I guess that is what happens when tires start floating on...
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    dang it

    Yeah I know, pictures but honestly, unless you get right up on it you cant even tell. It took 20 mins with a pressure washer cleaning off all of the mud to figure out that there was even a crack in the fender. Of course once I took the fender off I found a few more but man I wish I would have...
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    dang it

    long story short, pothole hidden by water puddle plus wet road equals busted fender. I can get a new one relatively cheap and have it painted or try to hold out for a used black one to swap right in. Any idea on the estimated cost to replace paint a fender?
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    parking brake

    Yeah I saw that page, I really wish that they would have went that little extra step and made the pictures bigger. I hate using the service manual. It is written for an engineer sometimes it seems.
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    parking brake

    Will someone point me to a good how to on rebuilding the parking brake. I found a few out there but the pictures suck and reference parts that are not identified in the pictures. Thanks,
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    found a simple cheap way to fill the transmission

    parts houses has a pump that screws into the top of the bottle. and has a hose with a clip that fits into the hole. even with all that i still made a mess, i would end up wearing half of that thing.
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    100 Octaine fuel

    Remember that octane is just resistance to pre detonation. Higher compression, advanced timing engines need more octane. if the knock sensors arent causing the computer to pull timing at 93 then 100 wont do anything.
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    crossed over to C5

    Ha, funny you mention that. I took it out today just so it wouldnt be jealous. The power difference is amazing. The 72 has a 454HO rated at 440hp/500 lb-ft. It is just raw unrefined hp. Even though my C5 is down by a hundred hp over the 72 you can just feel the refinement. Linear response is...
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