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  1. pkincy


    The GM "fix" to the overheating situation was the ZR1 with its extra coolers and butt ugly front snout. There are aftermarket vendors that make conversion kits to cut the front end and add coolers to help but that fix is expensive. Best solution is to either not track the car or short shift it...
  2. pkincy

    Question: Do C6 Z06/ZR1 Wheels fit on C7 Z06 with steel rotors?

    My 19/20 aftermarket rims I used on my C6Z and a set of ZR1 wheels I used on my C6Z both fit my C7Z without problem.
  3. pkincy

    2016 Corvette Ordering Guide

    Rob, This post is in an endless loop. Your link goes to a link that comes back here.
  4. pkincy

    Rocking Seat on 12 GS

    Unfortunately I can not give you the actual tsb, but it is avaiable to your dealer. It is covered under warranty. I had my seat rails replaced last year this time. I have noticed that 3,000 miles and 11 months later it is again starting to rock. It is a nylon washer in the seat rail that...
  5. pkincy

    Rear Main Seal Oil Leak

    Although you will not likely find this helpful, remember the famous old saying....."it is not a SBC if it doesn't leak at both ends." I certainly have found that true on my SBCs, my LT1s, my LS1s and my LS2s. Haven't gotten there on the LS7 yet but then again it only has 6800 miles on it and...
  6. pkincy

    Z06 shopping

    The 1800 mile drive back to the Left Coast was a nice bonding experience for both the car and I. It is actually quite a comfortable long distance driver. I did buy a case of water and a load of cheap wash cloths at a Wal Mart in West Tx and stopped every hour to clean the bugs off the front...
  7. pkincy

    Grand Sport Wheel Alignment - Camber

    A degree of negative camber is wonderful for handling at the limit as the outside loaded tire stands up straight and gets all of its tread on the road. The unloaded tire has less of its tread on the ground but than again it is unloaded so who cares. That is the sole reason for negative camber...
  8. pkincy

    Z06 shopping

    That was my ultimate decision. I flew to Austin from San Diego yesterday, did the deal and am on a Austin/Houston/San Diego trip to get it home. It will add 50% of its current mileage but given it doesn't have many to begin with I see that more as a fun thing than a bad thing. And maybe by...
  9. pkincy

    Z06 shopping

    I would be interested in hearing your horror story on the shipping. I am about to buy a Z06 across country and am debating to fly and drive or to ship. Perry
  10. pkincy

    Dyno Day

    I would think not. As it logs Hp/Tq and fuel air mixture it is somewhat useful as a diagnostic tool, but with a stock setup a tune is of little value. I think the money would be better spent on a scanning tool (either computer based or standalone) that will help you keep your car in tip top...
  11. pkincy

    40th Anniversary Friend bought a 1993 in Green insists its a 40th Anniversary

    This is the 40th Anniversary package: Non stock wheels by Fikse, exhaust tips by BnB. Perry
  12. pkincy

    Question: Code Readers/Scanners??

    While a Tech 1 would be the cats meow, I think you need to do a bit more than read codes. An older OBD1 scanner will read codes, clear codes and most important log a number of engine and body functions. Actron would work. Also Auto XRay (I have the 5000) but these don't seem to be...
  13. pkincy

    Dyno Day

    The important point is your TTD at your event today. Congratulations. Racing of any kind is the real test. Dynos are simply for bragging rights or the occasional diagnostic or tuning help.
  14. pkincy

    Question: Performance chips

    My experience is that these chips are a "racket" providing only illusory gains. There might be some 1-2 hp gains from turning the fans on a bit earlier if the chip controls the fan (don't know as far back as 85) but none of them seem to touch any of the major tuning tables.
  15. pkincy

    40th Anniversary Need some seasoned advice guys.

    Any time you change these shocks you need to be sure the top mounted FX3 electric pickup is clean and remounted absolutely correctly using the stock retainer clips. If you are not very careful and clean you will get the dash light. Hopefully the problem is the front shocks where it is very...
  16. pkincy

    Help! 1996 Grand Sport won't start...

    Definitely check the TPS, but it could also set that code if there is any short in that 5 volt (or is it mvolt) signal that is the reference signal for the TPS. I recall that there are about 3 circuits that use that same reference voltage source. I once bought a TPS when I really had a short...
  17. pkincy

    40th Anniversary Ride Control Option

    It is a computer chip. But the stiffening action is also speed dependent so you will see much less difference at low speeds than you will at high speeds. You can buy chips that lessen the dependence on the absolute speed as a prerequisite for full stiffness. You can find the electronics...
  18. pkincy

    1/4 Mile times for the LT1 (92-96)

    I concur with the 103 mph trap speed for a stock LT1 coupe of those years on street tires. The ET will depend a lot on launch technique and quality of the tires and the strip, but think mid to high 13's is realistic. I also concur with the 3.4x as the stock gearing. I can't imagine a 6 speed...
  19. pkincy

    Video: Corvette ZR1 posts 205 mph top speed

    It is most interesting to me that the Ring run showed a top speed of 177 mph. And when it occurred you could see the car accelerate in 5th and shift to 6th with room to further accelerate but it didn't (couldn't) as it basically held its rpm and mph for several long seconds. Look for it on...
  20. pkincy

    Mod'ed 1990 vette and these injectors help if you know alot about fuel requirements

    Lot's of calculators for injector size vs efficiency vs horsepower on the web. Check them out. But in the final analysis you need a wide band and the ability to tune the car to make it right. I certainly would not have gone up 15% in injector size with his original mods unless I had some...
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