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  1. minifridge1138

    Any good resources for a LS swap?

    Hey everyone, I'm contemplating an LS swap into my 1982, but haven't found many good sources. Anyone with experience that can point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  2. minifridge1138

    Carb selection

    +1 rebuild before you replace
  3. minifridge1138

    82 rear end drop when shift into drive

    My 1982 also does this, so if you find out something's broken update this thread so I know what to fix :thumb Good luck!
  4. minifridge1138

    Help! Kick down setting

    I don't know what videos you've watched, but the process is relatively easy. It selfie adjusts. Squeeze the locking mechanism and slide the end of the cable all the way in. Open the throttle all the way and it should slide the end of the cable out. The end goal is that WOT = the cable...
  5. minifridge1138

    Radiator, fan, and water pump

    No, you do not need to remove the hood. You can probably leave the radiator and shroud in place, too. Be warned: one bolt on my water pump was seized or cross threaded and snapped off flush with the block. I ended up drilling it out and re threading it. Other than that, the job was easy...
  6. minifridge1138

    Question: Heavy Duty Cooling- How did this work?

    The rule of thumb I always heard for engine temp was outside air temp + 110*. So if you're running at 200* while sitting still on 80* days, then I'd say you're doing pretty good. Especially since you said it cools down quickly when start to move. You want the oil to be 190*+ anyway to boil...
  7. minifridge1138

    1976 700R4 conversion

    You'll need the driveshaft from an 82 corvette. The TH700R4 is longer than the automatics used in previous years. You can use a 1982 crossmember. One thing to note about it: it has a single 'cutout' for the exhaust pipe on the passenger side. The 1982 had a single catalytic converter. So...
  8. minifridge1138

    700R4 stuck in drive

    I guess I forgot to post my solution. It turns out that the linkage detached from the inside of the transmission. The linkage on the outside moves an arm. The arm goes into the pan and moves a valve. The arm came detached from the valve. There is supposed to be a small clip that holds...
  9. minifridge1138

    Flood Cars Are Starting to be Advertised For Sale Lately!!! "Pitfalls"?

    The service department will track what work they've done but that's not the same thing. If you take a vehicle to the dealer for work and they determine that it is totaled, then they would have a record of that. They keep track of what THEY did to the car. Unless it will impact them financially...
  10. minifridge1138

    Flood Cars Are Starting to be Advertised For Sale Lately!!! "Pitfalls"?

    Actually, the question the OP asked was about pitfalls you encounter with flood damaged cars. No, Chevrolet and GM do not keep track of VINs and title status. If an insurance company calls a car totaled and pays the owner, then the title would show that. Most would go up for auction as-is...
  11. minifridge1138

    Flood Cars Are Starting to be Advertised For Sale Lately!!! "Pitfalls"?

    Flood cars aren't really cars. They are 3300 pound piles of parts that may occasionally run. I have spent enough time fixing engines with bent rods caused by a head gasket that I can just imagine what the inside of the motor looks like. I've also chased crazy sensor, flickering lights, etc...
  12. minifridge1138

    Just saw the C7...

    Most of what I see I like and I definitely want to see one in person. It looks like it's the most radical change since the C2 -> C3 transition. Does anyone else think it resembles a Ferrari 599?
  13. minifridge1138

    Ethanol free fuel

    The biggest problem with the alcohol is that it eats at the rubber seals in the fuel system. You can buy fuel lines and carb parts that can stand the alcohol. Personally, I avoided the 10% alcohol / gasoline mix as long as I could. Eventually every gas station in town had it. I haven't had...
  14. minifridge1138

    Hi Everyone, its been a long time

    Welcome back, and thanks for the pictures. Get back on the road soon!!!
  15. minifridge1138

    Help! A/c

    I spent a summer chasing down AC issues on my car (completely different year). Here's what I did: 1) I made sure the system was charged correctly (thank you, other forum members for the help!!!). 2) The duct work is very leaky. Air was leaking from every join between 2 pieces of duct work. A...
  16. minifridge1138

    To convert or not to convert?

    It is your car, you're free to do whatever you'd like to it. I think having a professional shop do the work is the way to go, if you decide to do that. It's very unlikely you'd ever be able to get your money back if you decide to sell the car. Have fun and good luck!!!
  17. minifridge1138

    Hello from a long distance...

    That's really impressive. Welcome to the CAC!! When can you post some more pictures? I'd love to see the museum you're starting!
  18. minifridge1138

    Unhappy Corvette Owner.

    Useful information, but off-topic for the radiator. The fan shroud can be removed without removing the hood, alternator, ac compressor, etc. With the shroud out, the radiator comes out relatively easily. The trick with the shroud is you put it in on its side, and then twist it. I wish I had a...
  19. minifridge1138

    Almost made a dumb mistake - lesson learned.

    I don't know about the '77, but my '82 has that same light. Mine comes on when the interior dome light is on. I owned the car for almost a year before I noticed. I was in my garage with the door closed and opened the doors to do something. I noticed a faint glow coming from the back near the...
  20. minifridge1138

    To Sell or To Keep.

    Keep it. Drive it. Believe it or not, it really is that simple. Life tries to make things more complicated than they really are. I understand wanting to keep it from getting hurt, but (not to offend you) there's nothing special about a 1981 Corvette (I have a 1982 and there's nothing special...
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