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  1. ScottNoxid

    Saw the C7 in person today....

    Need Pictures
  2. ScottNoxid


    :thumb Same to ya Billy, and Marilyn sez Merry Christmas also. SC:WTT
  3. ScottNoxid

    Holiday Wishes For My C5 Friends

    Ditto remo
  4. ScottNoxid

    Hello from St. Charles, MO

    Hello St. Charles, MO :welcomeRich, you will not find a better place to be than here at CAC, these guys are great. As far a LT4MAN goes if he says black is white, you can take it to the bank.........:confused:confused:confused. I have a clone to your vert, and I love it. Only I have a lunch...
  5. ScottNoxid

    Cats clawing at car cover

    ;LOL;LOL;LOL;LOL;LOL;LOL;LOL;LOLI am with you Tom, me and cats do not get along at all.............:beer:beer:beer
  6. ScottNoxid

    Motor City Corvettes

    :wHey John, wow, now that's what I call a Corvette show. Great job on the video, the changing of the colors is interesting, how do dey do dat? Take care of your back man it's the only one you got............... looking forward to seeing you at one of these one of these days :beer:D SC:WTT
  7. ScottNoxid

    Let's See Stunning C5 Photos

  8. ScottNoxid

    New Spoiler

    :wHey John, great job. Now that looks neat and clean. I really like mine, some say it is a little big, but I love the look. SC:WTT
  9. ScottNoxid

    Let's See Stunning C5 Photos

    The Blue Brake air duct add on is a nice touch. Nice job.
  10. ScottNoxid

    Understanding Oil Pressure

    :w:wOK guys. Barrett should have said SPOT ON for his answer, and I see where WOT is used in place of Pedal to the Metal, but will someone explain to me how we Articulate a reason???????? Are we speaking the same language?????? :confused:confused:confused:boogie:boogie:boogie SC:WTT
  11. ScottNoxid

    My first problem....

    :wIt probably sez he don't know he has a 1st or 2nd gear......:boogie:boogie:boogie:boogie SC:WTT
  12. ScottNoxid

    Annual State Vehicle Inspection

  13. ScottNoxid

    Corsa Exhaust - too those who upgraded from a touring to a pace car or extreme - ?

    Corsa Exhaust :wRemo, there is only beauty in the the beholder. Anyone that doesn't back up their equipment ain't worth a plug nickle.............:boogie:boogie.Besides the rep from Corsa at Mamoworks got P@#$%# at me because I wouldn't have the X-Pipe installed, and I think they sound great...
  14. ScottNoxid

    Corsa Exhaust - too those who upgraded from a touring to a pace car or extreme - ?

    Corsa Exhaust :wHey maybe you Remo could be the one to lead this meeting? All it takes is two, and there you have it.:boogie:boogie:boogie
  15. ScottNoxid

    Corsa Exhaust - too those who upgraded from a touring to a pace car or extreme - ?

    Corsa Exhaust :w I installed the Corsa Pace a couple of years ago. The only difference is I didn't install the X-Pipe with it, I left the factory H-Pipe in. What a beautiful sound when you down shift and get the burble out of it. There isn't a drone sound at all at any speed, but when you...
  16. ScottNoxid

    Keep the "Junkman" in your prayers!

    Mom's are special, and so are Son's who love them. Our prayer's are with you Junkie. God Bless Mom. Scott & Marilyn
  17. ScottNoxid

    Drips from sideview mirrors....

    :chuckleWe will just go with your'e a new kid on the block! Welcome to the CAC SC:WTT :welcome
  18. ScottNoxid

    Drips from sideview mirrors....

    :WI assume you use the electric leaf blower in the shower to keep out the carbon monoxide. SC:WTT
  19. ScottNoxid

    My first problem....

    ;shrugyou could check out if it is on recall, you might even get your sandwich back;shrug
  20. ScottNoxid

    Sun Visors Up or Down

    :wIf the sun is up they are down, if the sun is down they are up. Sun Grins 101.:chuckle:chuckle;shrug
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