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  1. FloridaMatt

    Battery dead over winter, will not start.

    A new battery that's bad is not unheard of. If it's fully charged it should read 13+ volts. Despite it being a pita, pull it and have it tested. Or get a jump start and go to an auto store to have it tested.
  2. FloridaMatt

    Alarm on top motion complete

    So is there any official way to make it quieter? It hurts my ears. I fix unnecessarily loud UPS alarms with a bit of clay, so I'm ready to do the same if I can just get to it.
  3. FloridaMatt

    Alarm on top motion complete

    Newly-purchased 2016 Convertible. At the completion of top motion complete, both up and down, I get a loud piercing electronic beep. Far louder and higher pitched than the seat belt chimes. Local dealer says that's normal, it's to tell me I can take my finger off the switch. Is that right...
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