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    For '05 and '06 owners

    I bought one of the 1st convertables - March 05. 12,000 miles now, only the gas guage fix..
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    How'd you convince your wives?

    I've had 4 Corvettes so far, about 15 years now. Wife likes the things we do, trips we take, more than I do. No prob getting another. Wife has never said anything to any of the toys I've bought, ever. That includes 15 or so cars and over 200 motorcycles. She's a keeper, lol
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    Fuel Guage in HUD?

    I only see Water Temp, Oil Pressuer & Oil Temp, No Fuel. ART
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    K & N Filter & Hogger Out Stock Air Box $35

    Maybe 20,000 miles... It has maybe 20,000 miles. It was cleaned at each oil change, every 3,000 miles or so. I have other cars and motorcycles with K & N filters, I'm fimilar with cleaning & oiling. It'll cost about $10 to ship, so how about $40 Shipped??? ART
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    Fuel Guage in HUD?

    Yea, I had a 99, gas guage in the HUD, C6 no?
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    K & N Filter & Hogger Out Stock Air Box $35

    K & N Filter & Hogged Out Stock Air Box $35 K & N Filter & Hogged Out Stock Air Box $35 Used but CLEAN
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    Fuel Guage in HUD?

    I can't find a fuel guage in the HUD. Did I miss something? ART
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    C6 Hud Gas Guage vs Dash Gas Guage

    Fuel Guage in HUD? I can't find a fuel guage in the HUD. Did I miss something? ART
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    99 Vert, 6spd $28,000

    I ordered an '05. Need to sell my 99. 68,000 miles Mag Red, Beige top/inside FX3 12 CD thing in the trunk Heads up Etc.... $28,000 Great car. Inside heated garage. It's not new, but great shape Art Reno, NV
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    Center Caps for 97-99 Painted Wheels $25 Shipped

    Set or four (4) Center Caps for 97-99 Painted Wagon Wheels. $25 Shipped. Thanks, Art
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    I need Recomendations for a home garage mig welder

    I bought mine at Home Depot. Was about $300. Lincoln (can't remember what model). Works GREAT for everything I've ever done. I play with motorcycles and cars.
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    Parking Brake Shoe

    My parking barke didn't work, finally decided to try to adjust it. When I got in there, I saw the wire "clip" that holds the shoe on was never insatled correctly. The shoes were brand new , clean with NO brake dust anywhere, unlike the other side wich did kinda work. It took me about an hour to...
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    New Member with a Used C5 Q...

    I've had 3 Corvettes in the last 15 years. Each one, my wife likes better. Have a 99 Vert, wife won't get out of it in summer, she takes it EVERYWHERE. Funny thing about wives, first they think you're going through some faze, but when the Corvette is in the driveway, and she can drive it, look...
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    Cigarette Lighter

    Guys, Yes I have taken the console apart -- the lighter is hooked up, no power from the hot wire. As for the other lead, all 91's have this hot wire in the console. I don't know what circut it's on -- yet. Thanks, ART
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    Cigarette Lighter

    Guys, I can't find why my cigarette lighter dosent work. Yes, I've checked the fuse. Also (my car is 1991) I have a "hot" wire inside the console (for running cell phone/radar decter, etc.) That dosen't work either. Any ideas? Thanks, ART
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    Bad Speaker--Bose

    Hi guys, I have a bad amp in one speaker in my 91 Coupe. I know I saw these for about $50, somewhere on the internet, but now that I need one, I can't remember where. Anyone have any info on getting these fixed, or getting new amps? THNAKS ART
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    Power antenna aint

    Hey guys, I have a 1991 coupe. I thought I was being real cool, putting in an antenna switch (from Mid America). I thought it would make the antenna last forever--well I played with it so much, watching it go up and down, I'm suer that's what did the antenna in. So I bought and installed a new...
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