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    Grinding noise when starting

    I have a 1995 corvette, base coupe. When I havent driven the car for a few days, I start it up and quickly hear a grinding sound. It only last a second or so. I can turn it off and restart and no sound. If I drive the car for a few days in a row, no grinding. It only happens when it sets...
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    Headlight assembly Problem ... need help/suggestion

    Update I repaired the right side the way the you tube video showed, taking the entire assembly out of the car, knocking the pin out loosening two bolts holding the housing, taking the 3 screws that mount the motor to the housing, taking the cover off, loosening the three screws at the base of...
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    Headlight assembly Problem ... need help/suggestion

    here is a picture of what I need instructions with
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    Headlight assembly Problem ... need help/suggestion

    Thanks yeah, I know about the harder one on the passenger side. I just loosened the bolts holding the worm gear and moved it up a little and the gear came out with little or no problem. I have seen all the videos showing how to take the motor off and replacement of gear, however, What I need...
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    Headlight assembly Problem ... need help/suggestion

    Thanks Thanks, I have viewed the video and very easily repaired the right side with no problems other that stubborn bolts but I was finally successful in getting everything fixed and it works perfectly. My problem is with the passenger side with the most simple part of the repair, tapping...
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    Headlight assembly Problem ... need help/suggestion

    On my 1995 corvette, both headlights continue running after turning off. I took the passenger side out and replaced the plastic gear and ppellets, reinstalled and it worked perfectly. However when I tackled the drivers side I ran into all kind of problems. First of all the small pin that has...
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    Help! headlight motors

    clicking when headlights are turned off. Both kinobs continue to spin If both knobs on the headlamp motors continue spinning after turning off lights does that mean that both motors have bad gears or bushings? This hasnt been going on long, in fact, it just started doing that in the last few...
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    Help! C4 Climate Control R&R

    little confused: vacuum prob or dirty contacts? My unit has gotten progresively worse. The outside temp registers correcty, Sometimes when changing functions it works sometimes not. When I get another button to light up, the function works correctly blowing air where its supposed to. When...
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