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    Site Update: Corvette Action Center Celebrates 15 Years

    Congratulations Rob. You devised & operate a great site. Many people truly appreciate your ongoing efforts. You Really DID BUILD IT -- very well. :beer
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    For Sale -- Michelin Pilot Sport 3

    For Sale Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tires, each has 1,400 miles, for $130 each. Located in the Chicago area. Both sizes are for 18 inch wheels. Installed June, 2014. Selling because I changed to A/S tires . 255 / 40 ZR 18...
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    For sale -- Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tires

    For Sale Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tires each with 1,400 miles for $130 each. Located in the Chicago area. Both sizes are for 18 inch wheels. Installed June, 2014. Selling because I changed to A/S tires. 255 / 40 ZR 18 285 / 35 ZR 18
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    Hi all

    As great as the C5 is, you're going to enjoy the change. :beer
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    There are a lot of people with this problem. Being gentle when closing it does not guarantee that the latch will survive. Cashmere seems to be the weakest. Ebony appears to be stronger... that is, break less frequently. Some people buy an ebony replacement and have it painted to match their...
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    Harmonic Balancer Wobble

    The purpose of the harmonic balancer is to absorb excess imbalances. These imbalances are the net of all dynamic movements of all components. Theoretically, if all moving components of the engine were made exactly to specification and all engine block mounting points were manufactured precisely...
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    Rear End Mod

    Why don't guys do more changing of rear end gearing? We hear much about S/C & more, but little about changing rear ends. Is it because there are more changes that can be made and are ongoing such as tuning, headers, & more once a S/C is added? And similarly, are there more possibilities for...
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    Factory Quality Issues

    Many of us have had various quality problems over the decades. Those issues led to today's improved technology and work standards. Today there is technology that can and should prevent many of the quality issues that persist at a rate that is too high. Many customers today examine products for...
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    Just became a C6 owner

    Welcome to the CAC. I hope that you have been enjoying your new dream car. :beer :pat
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    Power seat goes forward instead of back on easy exit

    Try resetting it -- again. Hold the button and wait for the beeps confirming that it has actually been reset to the position that you want it to go to upon exit.
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    Question: Follow Ordered Vette On-line

    Tom, have fun tracking your new Vette. :beer You'll have even more fun once you take delivery. :) I drive mine all year round here in the Chicago area and hope you can do the same. I can't go more than a few days without driving it -- regardless of the weather.
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    Question: Follow Ordered Vette On-line

    You can use this link: Connects | GM vehicle order tracking .
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    How to burn multiple forlders to an MP3 CD

    I'm trying to more efficiently use CDs in my 2007 Bose changer-equipped stereo. More songs with fewer changes of the CD.... I calculated :L that if I could burn multiple folders in MP3 format to 1 CD, I could use the large right-hand steering wheel button to advance through folders on that...
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    Just became a C6 owner

    And... Try to enjoy your Corvette all year round. We have them to drive and enjoy, get dirty, and wash & wax... and drive more. :beer
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    Just became a C6 owner

    Welcome to Vettes & the CAC. :pat
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    Question: Dash and Door Panels

    This condition exists on my 2007 C6 that has a titanium interior, is always garaged, and rarely out in the sun. I tried two Meguiar's products designed to clean the interior but neither removed the white-ish appearance. One of their products left a small amount of shine that became distorted...
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    low beam headlights

    When you install a new relay, the lights work for a while. During the installation, the circuit was open and reset. After a time, the lights turn off and will not turn on. Could the sensor is not be sending the signal to turn on the lights. Could the sensor be blind or not tightly connect?
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    Question: DIC Brightness

    On the great CAC forum, we each contribute and we all gain. :beer
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    Question: DIC Brightness

    On my '07, the HUD brightness can be adjusted per above instructions. The instrument lights can be adjusted per above instructions. The DIC cannot be adjusted in brightness.
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    Help! Corvette "road feel"?

    Corvettes are not right for everyone. For many people Corvettes are dream cars that we here appreciate for all that they are... and they are worth accepting with a few superfluous features needing resolution, but seen as problems to some few. America is the only nation that has developed...
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