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    Wanted : CD Changer

    Bought my 04 CE Coupe, prior owner removed the 12 cd changer for the Bose stereo. Would like to replace. FST1:v
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    New Member, California

    Hello CAC, After months of agonizing and research,and many heated discussions with the wife, I finally became the owner of a 2004 Commerative Edition Coupe. I look forward to the valuable insight to the C5 and it's many technical feature's,and the member stories. I am fortunate to live in...
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    Roof Rattles

    Hello all, new to the Forum. After months of research and many agonizing discussions with the "Wifey" about the merits of owning another Corvette, I recently became the owner of a 2004 Commerative Edition " Blue Baby", I had no idea how far the Corvette had come since my last one, a Black on...
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