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  1. J

    C4 weather stripping issue

    Jessica, I bought my top quality weatherstripping kit from Weatherstrip Special. 888-999-7876 San Jose, CA I took my time and successfully installed it myself. This material works very well. No leaks. Joe
  2. J

    40th Anniversary 90-96 Vortex Rammer Cold Air System (Black)

    I'd like to hear opinions on this conversion. ( 90-96 Vortex Rammer Cold Air System (Black) Positive & negative experiences. Is there increased horsepower? Are there problems operating in wet weather? etc. Let me know what you think. Thx, Joe
  3. J

    1986 coupe rear defrost troubleshooting

    Regarding your rear defroster, the SM notes that engine needs to be running when shooting this circuit. I had a similar issue with my ‘93. It turned out to be power thru the gas springs. Take care to clean the connection lugs very well.
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