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  1. SANOLS1

    Help! Crackling Noise in Dash ?

    Check the floor for mouse poop. :D
  2. SANOLS1

    Experience with "DiabloSport Tuners"

    Just a thought, After doing a series of High RPM engine pulls on the dyno, perhaps you have actually fouled the MAF. Easy things first, try cleaning it with MAF cleaner and make sure your new Green Filter is not over oiled. I have yet to have this problem on my Vette but I've had it numerous...
  3. SANOLS1

    Help! Best C5 supercharger

    I Love the procharge system. Intercooled ProCharger Systems for C5 Corvettes Coming up on 50K miles with no complaints. You just have to get used to the turbo whistle. (It turns a lot of heads at intersections) It's a lot of work to do yourself but can be done with a little patience. I would...
  4. SANOLS1

    Experience with "DiabloSport Tuners"

    Keeps us posted!
  5. SANOLS1

    Experience with "DiabloSport Tuners"

    Sounds to me like Hib is spot on with his suggestions. If you can find a good dyno shop and someone who is skilled with the Diablo Software, they can dial you in for every range of throttle. With the mods you have I would definitely get it on a dyno. A couple of advantages to having the Diablo...
  6. SANOLS1

    Procharger dangers?

    I wouldn't drive it any further than a Dyno to get it tuned first. You will want to remap the fuel ratios across the board. A good tuner is a must. 35K miles on my PC and I Love it! :thumb
  7. SANOLS1

    Comm issues

    I had the same exact problem last year. I believe it was Vettex2 who pointed me in the right direction. All I had to do was pull the boot out of the forward doorjamb to expose the connector for the door electronics. I unplugged it, cleaned it out with a small stiff bristle paint brush and a shot...
  8. SANOLS1

    New owner question re: rims

    Hi Khalilj, First, welcome to the CAC. The short answer to your question is NO. You have 235 40R 18 and 255 35Z 20 installed now. The stock OEM Wheels/Rims are Front: 17 x 8.5 and Rear: 18 x 9.5. The stock Tire sizes are Front: P245/45-17 and Rear P275/40-18. OEM Tires also came with a “ZR”...
  9. SANOLS1

    Brakes Pulsing?

    I replaced my rotors at 15K miles and installed the BAER Eradispeed two piece Rotors that are drilled and slotted. Once I hit 40K miles on the car (25K since I installed the Baer brakes) I noticed a slight pulse as well. I checked the runout on both front rotors and found they had .0015 and...
  10. SANOLS1

    Dyno tune

    You might consider a dyno run before you start with any mods. It’s always nice to know your baseline so you can realize what improvements you’ve made in a real sense. I agree you probably don’t need a tune for the minor things you’ve mentioned, but as you start playing, eventually you will wind...
  11. SANOLS1

    Noise after ignition is turned off

    Belt Tensioner???
  12. SANOLS1

    Old age?

    Shooter, That's awsome! Im looking forward to getting there someday. For the last couple of years my wife has been driving mine and I don't get many opportunities. Lately I've been getting up earlier and sneaking off to work in it, leaving her with the truck.:harhar Because it's been so long...
  13. SANOLS1

    Old age?

    I've only got 32K on the car since new I am at a loss at this point. I wouldn't have expected either of these issues yet.;shrug Hopefully someone will chime in with some info about the rattle. As far as the arm rests, I guess I'll head to an upholstery shop.:W
  14. SANOLS1

    Old age?

    Well, it’s been seven years since I bought my 2004 coupe and it is finally starting to show its age. There are two things that are starting to annoy me. The first is a nasty rattle coming from somewhere around the windshield defrost outlet. The rattle is only heard at low rpm grunt power, like...
  15. SANOLS1

    Anybody use Dr. Color Chip yet?

    I'd be interested to hear more about your results. What are the pros and cons? Chips are such a pain to deal with. Especially deep ones in the fiberglass.
  16. SANOLS1

    Automatic transmission control

    When I had my car on the dyno, the tech was able to adjust the kick down so we could get a solid third gear run without jumping into second when he floored it. It still started off in first gear and went through second but when he romped on it, it stayed in third. I’m not sure if the computer...
  17. SANOLS1

    Question: I'm trying to choose a higher grade intake, any help is appreciated !

    I've fouled the MAF on my Sliverado a number of times, but I have yet to throw a P0101,2 or 3 code on the Vette. Perhaps the MAF is a little sturdier on the performance cars? I'd be interested to hear from other members if they've had that problem. Cheers :beer
  18. SANOLS1

    Question: I'm trying to choose a higher grade intake, any help is appreciated !

    Back when I went down that road you are on it was much the same. I started off with the Corsa Pipes and opted for a Hurricane intake. The combination was noticeably more powerful, (not allot, but noticeable). I also added short tube headers since the long tubes are illegal in CA I think...
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