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  1. Radar

    Help! Will a full size tire and rim fit in the spare tire tub of a C4 Roadster?

    This is a really dumb question, but here goes anyway, If I ever get a flat, will my full size tire and rim (stock) fit in the spare tire tub where my donut tire now lives? If not what does one do? I know you could put the flat tire in the passagnger seat but waht if you have a passenger? Sorry...
  2. Radar

    Hello everyone...

    Welcome to CAC! I am sure you will enjoy that 84, a very nice year. Good luck and enjoy. Radar :w :beer
  3. Radar

    Help! Sounds like somthing loose rear of engine compartment

    I have read in other posts on this site as well as others that a dual mass flywheel can develope this noise too. I think the 6-speed in those early 90's years did have the dual mass flywheel. If it was me, I would live with the niose until having to tear it down to do a clutch and then deal...
  4. Radar

    Metal tubing in cooling system

    I too would suggest avoiding copper. If I recall my chemistry classes, there is a potential for galvanic corrosion due to the dis-similar metals. I think that aluminum is a more noble metal than copper so any aluminum parts would corrode away (because it is the nobel thing to do - give up their...
  5. Radar

    Video: Corvette ZR1 vs Porsche Carrera GT

    Nice to see the Corvette out in front and holding a solid lead. The Corvette of today is certainly a world class sports super-car indeed! Radar :beer
  6. Radar

    Another one bites the dust....

    Rob, I do not see anything odd but I suspect that your trained eye does! The suspense is killing me, can you let us know what that might be? Regards, Radar :)
  7. Radar

    Whats GM to do with Corvette ?

    Boy, as a C4 driver, (but someday hoping to also have a C6), I could not agree more! I would not mess with the formula too much - a V6 or a Prius Corvette, count me out when that happens. Radar :upthumbs :w
  8. Radar

    squeaking serpentine belt

    I would check for worn sheaves either on the crank/vibration damper or at the AC compressor. Also, while this should not change (except see below), if the sheaves are not aligned, that can cause squealing. Idea: Double check the crank vibration damper. If the rubber inside the damper fails...
  9. Radar

    89 with a check engine light

    Thanks for that information. Yes, that is a very long drive for me. I wonder how I could make that work - if I have to leave the car as it is over 130 miles to drive. If I can figure that out and if it is okay to drive the Corvette that distance with the light on, I might be able to that with...
  10. Radar

    89 with a check engine light

    My pride and joy recently developed a check engine light that I would like to get addressed. Does anyone know of a quality Corvette service garage that they can recommend in the Milwaukee, Wisonsin area? I will print out the codes but I would really like to have someone fix this issue as well...
  11. Radar

    new owner

    Baxam, Welcome to the CAC and congratulations on your new wheels - very cool! Enjoy the car and remember the Corvette wave :wwhen passing other Vettes on the highway, we are mostly a friendly bunch and all very proud of our rides. One thing, search out an article in the latest Corvette...
  12. Radar

    Stall when start and deceleration

    I would also check the exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR). On the Corvette, there is a valve mounted on the intake manifold and a electronic proportioning valve that the ECM uses to "talk" to the EGR valve. I had a car once that did what you are refering to and it was the EGR valve...
  13. Radar

    Dyno Results!

    Nice numbers - there is hope for us L98 folks out here! Regards, Radar :beer
  14. Radar

    LS1 milage from an L98

    My basically stock 89 L98 gets 26 to 27 on the highway. Radar :beer
  15. Radar

    finally got my new wheels on....

    Thanks for that information. I'll be waiting until spring to consider getting wheels and I'll give tomzwheels a try then. Thanks for the lead! Regards and Merry Christmas, Radar
  16. Radar

    dying probs

    I would check the fuel pump pressure. Maybe you have a failing pump or a clogged filter. Radar
  17. Radar

    Budget vettes are more fun!

    Any pictures of that Vett wearing those Torque Thrust's? Thanks, Radar :beer
  18. Radar

    finally got my new wheels on....

    By the way, can you tell us about what a set of those wheels and the tires run? And more information on where to buy them? Thanks, Radar ;help
  19. Radar

    finally got my new wheels on....

    Love those wheels Those wheels look fantastic! I love that classic muscle car look. I might copy those for my 89. Thanks for sharing those pictures. Very Nice. Thanks, Radar :_rock:beer
  20. Radar

    Weird Electrical Problem in 91

    Check your grounds. If one lifts, all kind of wierd things happen. Try to get a shop manual and that will show the wiring diagrams and the grounds. The Vett being fiberglass has limited places to gound circuits. Thanks, Radar :w
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