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  1. Mr. Lucky

    Help! First corvette, a couple minor issues

    This should get you going on the seat fix: Welcome to LIEBLWEB.com's Corvette Rocking Seat Fix! The problem is caused by people entering or exiting the car by bracing themselves on the seat top instead of the B-pillar as intended. It acts like a giant lever, and you can see the end result...
  2. Mr. Lucky

    Steering Position Sensor / CA Smog Test

    Check with a smog shop to be sure, but I believe CA only cares about powertain codes for inspection purposes. Powertrain codes start with the lettewr "P" (Pxxxx); I believe yours is a "C" code… most likely C0710 or C1780. As long as there are no P codes and no CEL, you should be good to go.
  3. Mr. Lucky

    Help! Clutch pedal doesn't return all the way

    +1 That is the first thing to try. If the problem persists, look at the slave cylinder.
  4. Mr. Lucky

    Can rims and tires on a C5 fit on a C6

    Sorry, but no. C6 rims can be mounted to a C5 by using huc-centric spacers, but going the other way is not possible. The offset is wrong.
  5. Mr. Lucky

    Question: Transmission coolers ?

    Correct… though I added a small Setrab cooler in that spot when my built 4L65-E transmission was installed.
  6. Mr. Lucky

    Question: GFORCE Performance chip

    As both a Corvette and Harley owner, I think I can answer this. Yes, there are two sensors. They are the usual Bosch narrowband devices, and are installed in the head pipes, one per cylinder. For best performance on a basically stock bike (i.e., intake and exhaust only), conventional wisdom is...
  7. Mr. Lucky

    Curve n Bump

    I have a curve like that near my house. There are actually two bumps in the apex. I believe it is due to a combination of the runflat tires and the transverse mounted leaf springs. BF Goodrich non-runflats and Pfadt coilovers completely solved the problem for me.
  8. Mr. Lucky

    Question: performance tuners

    They are just "okay" for a basically stock vehicle, but the most benefit is with automatic transmissions (firm up shifts, tweak upshift/downshift rpm, etc.).
  9. Mr. Lucky


    Although you have accurately described an oversteer condition, I don't think that's what is happening. The stock, transverse mounted leaf springs provide a reasonable compromise of ride comfort, control, and economy. They don't hold the road well in a performance situation though on uneven or...
  10. Mr. Lucky

    TYRES vibrate, steering moves 1/16 to 1/4 inch

    All good advice that has been given. Another possibility, if you have aftermarket wheels, is that the clip installed at the factory on one of the wheel studs is still in place. It serves no purpose except to hold the rotor body snug as the vehicle moves down the line. With stock wheels it...
  11. Mr. Lucky

    Transmission Help Guys

    Taking it out and putting everything back in will take the better part of a day. I'm not sure how much help an FSM would be, since you hardly ever see stock C5s anymore. The exhaust rear of the x-over will have to come out. The torque tube and rear end come out as one unit, after undoing the...
  12. Mr. Lucky

    Engine Tick

    Thus why I said "many" not "all" ;) BTW, I use Baldwin filters, but had heard that K&N flowed equally well. Maybe it's not so.
  13. Mr. Lucky

    Engine Tick

    Try a higher flowing oil filter like Baldwin or K&N. In many cases (like mine), it's enough to make the noise go away completely.
  14. Mr. Lucky

    Help! C5 Cooling

    It can be programmed to do so (mine does), but that's not stock behavior.
  15. Mr. Lucky

    Vette riding rough

    Your tire pressure strikes me as being on the high side, which could definitely make for a harsher ride. Might as well try the easy (and free!) stuff first. :L
  16. Mr. Lucky

    Car cover on or off?

    I discovered just how true that is on a recent motorcycle trip to Laughlin, NV. I picked up a half cover (just covers the top half, so don't have to wait for the exhaust to cool). I thought it would be good for keeping the bird poops and desert sun at bay. What I hadn't anticipated was the...
  17. Mr. Lucky

    Question: Is there a downside to having a 'Tune' done on a otherwise stock LS1 ?

    I went this route before deciding on going to a stroked LS2 motor. I don't know of any downsides, but the upside is not that noticeable unless you have an automatic transmission. I'd like to hear more about the danger of removing "safety guards." The rev-limiter and knock sensors are still...
  18. Mr. Lucky

    When to do tune up.

    Chassis lube on a C5... where?
  19. Mr. Lucky

    A few new guy questions

    Ditto on all + a couple comments. Some runflats are better than others, but you really should consider ditching them on a performance car. Stock Z06s came stock with non-runflats, and included a compressor and plug kit in one of the rear compartments. I made one of my own for my coupe, and ran...
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