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  1. Dadman1950

    Site Update: Corvette Action Center Celebrates 15 Years

    Congratulations. The most useful Corvette site on the web!!! Thanks and here's to many many more!!!
  2. Dadman1950

    @012 Grand Sport Vert Front spoiler

    2012 Grand Sport Vert Front spoiler I have a 2012 GS vert, bought new last year - it was a leftover. Here is the issue the front spoiler/splitter on it is so low that it impedes normal driving. Every little dip or and even backing out of my driveway causes it to rub. The other day I wanted...
  3. Dadman1950

    Site Update: Corvette Action Center Gets a Face Lift!

    I like the change. :thumb Sure the old page was easy to navigate once you got used to it but this will become as easy once you get used to the change. It's a good improvement IMO.
  4. Dadman1950

    Important! Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant Workers Authorize a Strike

    More bad news for GM. They don't need anymore bad publicity in light of the Recall fiasco.
  5. Dadman1950

    Auto Transport Survey and Report Card

    My Carrier Rated G00D Just missed Excellent This past fall I decided to transport my new Grand Sport convertible from Michigan to Arizona. Though I would have preferred to drive it other issues prevented me from doing that so I began researching auto transport carriers. I contacted virtually...
  6. Dadman1950

    Auto Transport Survey and Report Card

    Auto Transport Survey and Report Card As we approach the all important kick off to the 2014 auction season in Arizona and Florida, the automobile transport companies are swamped moving cars to the auction. And while most of these companies are well managed and reliable it might serve our...
  7. Dadman1950

    Important! 2016 Corvette Z07 Caught Testing?

    Agree that there isn't enough to go on but it is fun to speculate. My guess is based on the camo on the car and that the rear appears to be a bit wider my guess is the rear quarter windows become smaller or are eliminated entirely and scoops - smaller but similar to what Shelby did to the...
  8. Dadman1950

    First Look: 2014 Corvette C7.R!

    Good spot!!! They are most likely not adequate to cool the diff and trans and probably are located under the car. IMO I don't like them anyway and is one reason I prefer the convertible. It's hard to tell with the deceptive paint scheme but I thought the body would be more different than it...
  9. Dadman1950

    Clear Bra

    Thanks again Hib appreciate you checking on it, good to know. If he doesn't know much about it then it obviously isn't going to replace the cut to fit in the near future. And if it has to be installed in a spray booth as mentioned above I would think a lot of installers would not have the...
  10. Dadman1950

    Clear Bra

    that is good to know. I thought it was something that someone could do themselves.
  11. Dadman1950

    Clear Bra

    Thanks, Hib, for your input. Always appreciate your recommendations and experience. So my question is this - was what I heard correct - that those installers using the pre cut 3M material will be converting to the spray very shortly? I heard this from someone that works for 3M.
  12. Dadman1950

    Clear Bra

    Thanks for the response. I assume you did the spray yourself. If that is the case was it difficult to avoid runs and to get an even application? Also did it dull your paint. I have the blade silver which has a lot of metallic in the paint and I don't want anything on it that will "flatten"...
  13. Dadman1950

    Clear Bra

    Thanks for the info. The Spray on film is supposedly the same product you mention by 3M and that is why I was surprised.
  14. Dadman1950

    Clear Bra

    I just picked up my new GS convertible and am considering a 3M clear bra. ;help The prices in my area are running between $850 to $1200. I was just about to make an appointment even though I thought the prices were too high when I saw an advertisement from 3M for a spray on clear bra that they...
  15. Dadman1950

    F/S 2005 DSOM C6 Coupe (Phoenix AZ Area)

    thanks for all the comments. You can find out more details on Vette Finders at the following link 2005 Corvette For Sale Arizona - 2005 Corvette Coupe - Corvette for Sale in Arizona
  16. Dadman1950

    Differences between the early C6 (2005) and the late C6(2013)

    I am looking for some feedback from those who have owned an early C6 (2005 or 2006) and then bought the later (2012 or 2013) Grand Sport. I am curious if there is much difference in the early C6 with the Z51 performance package and the grand sport in handling etc. Any help would be...
  17. Dadman1950

    F/S 2005 DSOM C6 Coupe (Phoenix AZ Area)

    CAR IS SOLD 2005 Corvette Coupe For Sale CAR IS SOLD I am the original owner of this beautiful Daytona SunsetOrange Metallic /Cashmere Arizona car. The car is equipped with the optional Z51 Performance Package, allcomfort options and an automatic transmission...
  18. Dadman1950

    Show off your C6's!!

    Since you have it all wrapped up feel free to send it to me!!!! It's beautiful! Good luck with it!
  19. Dadman1950

    Show off your C6's!!

    MMMMMM Very sweet! Good Luck with it!
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