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    Sticky Center of Steering wheel on C5

    I have a 2003 50th Anniversary edition Corvette. I recently noticed that the center of my steering wheel where the air bag is stored that the outside cover, also where the horn is, has a sticky substance on it. It is sticky like glue. I don't no exactly what I can use without damaging the...
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    Vibration on 2013 Coirvette

    Thanks Tuna I was hoping to get away from those run flats. I realize that my low profile tires create a lot of the problems but it’s sorta annoying
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    Vibration on 2013 Coirvette

    Need help with this chronic problem. Found out the other day I have a bent rim in the left rear mag. That is helpful and will replace, but still have front problem. I am going to replace run flats with a set of new Continental Extreme Contact Sport tires. Would like to try new Michelin Pilot...
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    Good repair shop in Birmingham Alabama

    Looking for a good reliable place in the greater Birmingham area to have my Corvettes worked on. Need some warranty work done on 2013 Vette. Thanks, Bob Ouellette
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