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    Help! 1994 LT1 Service engine soon light turns on and off

    It's been a while since I've posted on this site. Well its time to renew my inspection sticker. I finally resolved my power steering issue (four used pumps later). Now my service engine soon light is back on. I had pulled my codes and it pointed to a MAP sensor. However, I wonder its...
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    Help! 1994 LT1 Service engine soon light turns on and off

    Post and "POOFF!!!!!" Got her back together. Fired her up last Friday night. She started right up. Only issue is my power steering is not working with the new pump. Must have air in the system even after bleeding. Other than that. Engine sounds great. Idles good. Borla exhaust...
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    Help! 1994 LT1 Service engine soon light turns on and off

    Got the engine back together. Need to add oil and coolant before cranking her over. Have some small odds and ends before a test drive including replacing 20 year old brake lines.
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    Help! 1994 LT1 Service engine soon light turns on and off

    Thanks for the information. I don't believe so but makes sense. The image of a needed approaching 235 is distressing but in reality its normal operation. Engine should be quieter due to the bad water wp bearing. As time went on I got used to watching the needle and hearing the fans kick on...
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    Help! 1994 LT1 Service engine soon light turns on and off

    Got her almost back together. I had to purchase a Kent Moore J-39046 hub removal. Just sold it to get my money back. Replaced all three timing cover seals, installed petris opti spark, new crank hub and water pump. Bought another set of a/delco wires. Repaired dreaded intake manifold...
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    WTB: J-39046 LT1 Crankshaft Hub Tool Removal

    WTB: J-39046 LT1 Crankshaft Hub Tool Removal.
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    Help! 1994 LT1 Service engine soon light turns on and off

    Got her up on jack stands. I managed to remove the water pump yesterday. Bearings and seal was bad and I'm surprised it wasn't a heavier coolant leak. I'm sure it was weeping. Tonight, I will try removing the Harmonic balance pulley and opti spark.
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    Help! 1994 LT1 Service engine soon light turns on and off

    Meant to follow up on this a while ago. I had a mechanic take a look at the my car for a possible rear main oil leak around early May 2013. Turns out the intake manifold is leaking. While he was checking for the leak, he mentioned my water pump is weeping. This is probably the cause of my...
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    24 Hours of Le Mans On-Board Pass Presented by Chevrolet

    Race has started already. Corvette is running 6th place right now. SPEED Streaming https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/24_Hours_of_Le_Mans
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    Site Update: Corvette Action Center Buzzes About New Stingray: Rob Loszewski

    Nice job Rob. I'm a web engineer also. Nice ZR-1. The underside looks beyond perfect. Do you actually drive it?
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    Over heating question..

    Did you replace all the hoses? I must of had a pinhole leak in one of my hoses and sprung a leak in February.
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    Question: How many Z07 owners do we have here?

    My Corvette has the Z07 option. It's a 1994 Admiral Blue Automatic. I'm looking to refresh the suspension and brakes. Looking for caliper rebuild kits for it.
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    GM Press Release: Chevrolet Lifts Lid on 2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible

    Managed to go to the NY Auto Show today. C7 Coupe and Convertible was very very nice. Lots of oohs and ahhs as well as analyzing the vehicle improvements.
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    Crashed C7 in Arizona

    It's definitely the first C7 crash, and it ain't going to be the last!!
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    Replacing power steering pressure hose

    Is the flare wrench metric or english? I have leak but will need to take a hard look.
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    Saw the C7 in person today....

    Sounds good to me. You only live once!
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    East Coast T Top in Bristol PA - Has anyone bought a top from them?

    Has anyone dealt with them before? I have a few issues that need to be resolved. a. need a windshield weatherstrip seal replaced. b. possibly my windshield needs to be reinstalled. I have a used replacement molding to replace the old one. c. Obviously, I need a new targa top. Thanks, Snake
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    My Impressions: 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray

    Awesome write up Rob. I want to keep my C4 LT1 Corvette. I love the fact that Porsche climb all over it. Keep in mind that Porsche (I believe not sure if its a fact) has a hard time keeping up with the Corvette in Le Mans.
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    Do you think the C7 Tailights Look like the Camaro Tail Lights ??

    Good point. It's like the car has two faces; front and rear. Both faces have a mean look.
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