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  1. f2023

    Favorite Crusin CD?

    what's a CD I have a record player in mine :D
  2. f2023

    Midyear Hood alignment: a raised front

    If I remember correctly, when I put my new hood on, I raised the back (by turning the bolts) enough that it would still catch and it brought the front down. Ted :)
  3. f2023

    Mid-year hoods

    yes I put a 67 hood on my 64 without any problem. I did move the latch that holds the hood up to the drivers side. Ted :)
  4. f2023

    Honouring JohnZ

    best of luck Best of luck and thanks for the advise over the years. Ted :)
  5. f2023

    Question: Is Your Fiber Glass Baby Sleeping Yet?

    top up I winterize mine by putting the top up:)
  6. f2023

    Question: 63-64 Vette Owners - Manual Drum Brakes

    power booster I have a 64 with a power booster. If you live in No. Va. you can come down and drive it and see the difference. Ted :)
  7. f2023

    Numbers Matching

    Thanks, Just what I needed Thanks, for the pictures, nice car. :)
  8. f2023

    Numbers Matching

    numbers matching No your 100 percent correct:D Do you have any pictures of your interior, my is saddle, but looks like three different shades. Thanks. Ted:)
  9. f2023

    Numbers Matching

    matching numbers Wow I always thought it meant that the front license plate matched the back one.:L
  10. f2023

    please vote for the Corvette, can't have a Mustang win

    my vote You got my vote, but it dons't look good for the vet. :ohnoes
  11. f2023

    Made it to National

    Nice Ride Congrats, I hope you do well. I can go about 100 miles then can't feel my butt anymore.:)
  12. f2023

    Wow is the value of C3s climbing?

    typeo This car is advertised on Cregslist for a lot less? :L http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/car/517568257.html
  13. f2023

    The Wave Is Alive In Southern Maryland

    I also live in So. Md. but don't seem to get many waves from any year corvette when I'm out in the c2. I get lots of waves from other older cars and a lot of Mustangs. Go figure?:) Hope everyone has a happy New Year
  14. f2023

    Why do we....

    drive in the rain I don't drive mine in the rain, because it leaks. :L
  15. f2023

    Hershey Oct 11

    here are some pictures from Hershery yesterday. Follow the link below. Prices kinda crazy, but some good deals to be had. http://www.tedsmagroom.com/her.html 55/56/57 chevy's were strong.:)
  16. f2023

    New Corvette Owner in Maryland

    welcome Welcome from Southern Maryland :)
  17. f2023

    re polyurethane total suspension kit 1964

    no torch, but did have a lift.
  18. f2023

    re polyurethane total suspension kit 1964

    Yes I bought the whole kit and used about 50% of it so far. Didn't need to replace some. It's been three years and still no squeeks.:)
  19. f2023

    re polyurethane total suspension kit 1964

    Unless you have a lift I would not do it at home. As for the squeaks, after I did mine, I didn't hear any, but then I have headers and hooker mufflers, so I don't really hear much of anything.
  20. f2023

    Good deal on a '63 vert?

    dirver 28k is the correct price for a driver. The top will cost quit a bit to get fixed, unless you can do it your self. Inportant things are the birdcage, and frame. If you plan on keeping it orginal, 63 parts are costly as a lot are 1 year only. If the birdcage or frame is rusted, walk away...
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