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    Carbon fiber dash kit?

    REAL VETTE owners Don't SELL their cars! :-P
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    The Truth about Ignition Wire

    I used the Taylor braided stainless steel and they fit nicely on my 84. Look very good too. They dont list as an application but they do fit well. Same size as the ones Josh mentioned? I wonder;shrug
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    Battery Replacement

    Nope, no modifications and its the "proper" 75 series battery. The Optima battery should also come from the factory with Plastic insulating caps to help alleviate that very problem. That is a good point about a different brace...quite possibly why some people can use the DT and some cant...
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    New intake for crossfire = more HP!!!!

    That fcomment further confirm my previous assessment;LOL The 82's are HIDEOUS compared to the 84. The 82 has ZERO Industrial Design involved....they look like a seat of the pants last minute thing that was thrown together (because it was)...:chuckle GM spent a long time debating the Industrial...
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    Battery Replacement

    Interesting on 2 counts: 1) Had an Optima for at least 5 years and it fits fine with NO ALTERATIONS. 2) Oddly the Optima Battery site doesnt list an application...BUT IT FITS;shrug;shrug
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    Help! 1984 Corvette problems

    Sounds like a candidate for Stabil or other fuel stabilizer! As routine I fill up in fall and add stabilizer since I use it far less over winter. My Vette actually sat at my inlaws unstarted for 3 years. I had it towed and serviced and the shop was amazed how decent the fuel still was in the...
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    Question: Exxon Gas?? (No Ethynol?)

    I concur! Did you see how Pepsi has reintroduced "Flashback" that uses REAL sugar? The rising cost of High Fructose Corn syrup due to fuel and other products has actually made SUGAR viably competitive for importation again! Funny thing is the wife HATES diet soda....and the Flashback...
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    Help! Dome Light Timer

    The question is....Do you really need it? You can set it up so it just turns off when the doors are shut. There is thread on here somewhere the 2 wires you just jump-sorry late and going to bed otherwise I'd search.:w
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    New intake for crossfire = more HP!!!!

    Thanks for the link:eyerole And yet another "seat of the pants" testimonial! I REALLY hope this thing works well with a decent torque curve when we FINALLY see the test results....whenever that might be.....but wont the results of Worms dyno be a bad comparison since he's already modified his...
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    Passenger side dash parts removal

    I saw the part you bold faced...I think you are refering to the 2 screws in the center top defroster? I just didnt want him to miss the 2 in the edges near the windows on his 84. On my 84 there are ALSO two on the door SIDE near the side defroster that are partially hidden by the weatherstrip...
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    broken rear view mirror

    Common sense seems to be they had to assemble it ....so it should be reassembled same way. My guess is they use a press to apply equal pressure. Big Red had a good idea. Since it is broken you dont have anything to lose....vice?:w
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    New intake for crossfire = more HP!!!!

    I heard that the CNC software was developed in England where due to the volcano in Iceland it was sent by courier who was making his way across Europe via hot air balloon. There are rumors he may have landed in India where he was making his way via elephant after rescuing a lovely Indian...
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    Question: Replacing the factory Bose radio

    Finally? Its been around for at least 15 years and their adaptor is a PIECE OF JUNK! It picks up tons of interference. I bought a setup from them and ended up having to replace their adaptor and spend more $ for a properly shielded unit. I found the exact same head unit elsewhere and could...
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    Question: Interior Door Trim

    I'm far from an expert concerning fiberglass...but seems to make sense that you could reconstruct the missing edge by bonding to the remaining part and then sanding a decent edge. Your problem is rather annoying and at the very least you've made sure I'll be extra careful removing that panel...
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    Passenger side dash parts removal

    BE CAREFUL! Boomdriver in dash pad removal forgot to mention 2 screws that are hiding on each side near the defroster vents on the 84! Pull without removing them and CRACK! Pics at my site::w http://corvette1984.freewebtools.com/DIRECTORIES/REPAIRS/DashPadRemovalTips/dash.html When I changed...
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    New intake for crossfire = more HP!!!!

    This thread is one sure fire way to accomplish several things: Make everyone think we CFI owners are idiots and have TPI envy. Waste of bandwidth as someone pointed out Make me so sick of hearing about the Renegade that I wont even want one (getting there!):puke Did you know? When they...
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    16" tires

    I drive the vette in all sorts of weird weather and hope they do well in rain I look forward to your review then :beer That is of course unless I "commit myself" and buy a set. They seem worth it just for sunny days!:w
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    Wrong wheels?

    I'd certainly hope so since I recall reading THEY put them there to begin with in their original design...GM removed them.:w
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    Wrong wheels?

    SORTA correct :chuckle 86 centers were a brushed silver and 87 were grey. I have seen cars delivered early in the model year still using the previous year wheels. (My friend's brand new 87 with 86 wheels.) Also the 88 had totally different 16" standard rims but most opted for the 17"...
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    1984 inside door lock slide

    If you mean the plastic cover that goes on the rod....They are a common GM part sold by "Help" parts (the red carded stuff) at major auto stores. They are also universal for either side so you could always borrow the one from the passenger side if necessary. If its the metal rod itself it...
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