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    2008 Z06 2LZ for sale 6 speed manual shift 4000 miles Jet stream blue

    Everyone here knows about these cars so all I will say is that the car has been in a heated garage all its life never abused or even seen rain. Additionally I am including thousands in extras such as 427 badges, rear spoiler, Z06 floor mats, mild to wild with remotes, 4 brand new high...
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    4 speed out of 71 bb

    I have a 4 speed Muncie m21 out of a 1971 big block with the shifter. As far as I know the tranny is good the shifter needs rebuilt. Looking for 1000.00 or best offer. 724.866.1516 thanks Mike
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    1971 carburetor rochester quadrajet #7041205 FD 0771 for sale

    For sale 1971 carburetor rochester quadrajet #7041205 FD 0771 "This is an original Quadrajet 4 barrel carburetor by Rochester in useable to rebuildable condition. The throttle and choke work freely The choke and throttle linkage has surface rust and the milky looking material is silicone spray...
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    Question: 1971 rochester quadrajet carburetor

    thanks for the reply. it does need rebuilt but all there and working freely. (side note I sold my 72 454 auto air 2yrs ago)
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    Question: 1971 rochester quadrajet carburetor

    Hi all just trying to find out the value of a 1971 rochester quadrajet carburetor off a 71 corvette 454 motor 365hp 4speed with air #7041205 thanks for the help
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    Question: lt-1 hood

    the car is a 350/350 not an lt-1 what color should it be? can you tell from the underside thanks
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    Question: lt-1 hood

    I have a 70 with what looks to be an lt-1 hood (no drill holes from big block) but could still be after market. Any help on how to be sure would be great.
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    can anyone tell me what a rochester quadrajet off of a 71 454 air 4speed with # 7041205 PD 0771 would be worth (needing rebuilt) thanks Mike
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    Locating tank sticker without dropping tank

    sticker I got mine out by taking the gas cap & boot out and then made a 12 inch long very thin scraper about a 1/4 inch wide. Then working very slowly so as to not damage any more then it had aged. Mine was only 25% readable but still very important to me. Good luck Mike
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    1971 parts for sale

    sorry been really buried I should have waited until I got the car out of storage but I thought it would have been by now and it is not so I am looking at 2 more weeks hopefully before I can let everyone know. Again SORRY for the delay.
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    1971 parts for sale

    blue - but pretty will shot from weather
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    1971 parts for sale

    parts Sorry if there was a delay I just got the e-mail today that you were waiting on a reply but I never got your 1st e-mail What I intend to do is find out what parts people wonted to get it off the car e-mail pictures and then settle on a price. I hope to start getting the car parted out in...
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    Wanted; 1970-1972 LT-1 Hood

    Hi I may have one for sale. I bought a big block that came with an extra hood and I looked at it last night and could not find holes like for the numbers. Tell me how to really check it out for you and we can go from there if you are still looking. Mike
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    Hi I have a soft top off of a 71 if you are still looking

    Hi I have a soft top off of a 71 if you are still looking
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    1971 parts for sale

    I have decided to part out a 1971 convertable which means I am taking offers on everything except the front end and the motor. please e-mail mgwilson@adelphia.net
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    Side pipes

    Hi, are they in good shape? what is your phone # ? or just call me Mike 724-866-1516 thanks
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    Hi I may have what you need it is on a 71 which is currenty snowed in. I do have some pictures of the car but not close ups of the frame (top) send me your e-mail for pictures. mgwilson@adelphia.net Mike
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    1964 Hub Caps Wanted

    Hi I have a nice set of 4 they are not perfect send me your e-mail & I will send pictures mgwilson@adelphia.net thanks Mike
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    Louder than stock but not overboard. Who sells your system?
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