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    LT4 Black on Black LT4

    Be well.
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    LT4 Black on Black LT4

    Sooo... I am doing the swap now.... does the thread age have anything to do with my mods suggestion? Or maybe they should close down this site for inactivity..... Ps. You're here too!!!! Peace out.
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    LT4 Black on Black LT4

    Get a ls swap kit, a 5.3 junkyard motor, fuel pump, lines and injectors and a ebay turbo....use e85. Bury the boat anchor in the back yard. Enjoy your 700hp time bomb! Boom
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    LT4 Black on Black LT4

    I bought my LT4 BLK/BLk car with 100k mi. for $2700 (two thous and seven hunnert). Drove it home (almost). Needed to have the fuel pump wired again after prior owner screwed it up... lol. Clutch lets go waaay at the top. This is bad, right?
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    Value of non running 1986 greenwood

    It is most valuable in the part form. Non running motor/ trans/ecu= $300. Rearend= $100 int.= $100. Wheels= $5 ea to aluminum recycler... bury the carcass. About $525 before haggling. I would bury it now because I don't have time to deal with the ass clowns that this car will draw interest from.
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    LT4 LT4 Collectibility

    Recently bought a triple black LT4 coupe with 105k mi. for $2750. Has issues but for a car to beat the snot out of I am happy. Values are in the toilet and great for us drivers!
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    LT4 New LT4 owner here.. Cheap car but has issues.

    Car has 105k- looks very neglected in the detail department. Heater core leaked into cabin (as well as hatch weatherstrip and windshield/hatch weatherstrip. He bypassed the heater core to sell the car. Last owner said the fuel pump went out and he replaced it with a chinese one that he had to...
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