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    Important! Best C6 Z06?

    2008 - finally interior looks suitable to such an awesome power plant.
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    Z06 convert

    I'm thrilled that now I really do appreciate them both. I really like Jay Lenos' quote about the Z06 - "Tell 'em to shut up and drive it" LOL Even better I get to drive my new baby home tomorrow. Had to wait to vinyl "wrap" the front today. And I even just ordered the mild-to-wild switch...
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    Z06 convert

    Born 1965 in SoCal, Corvette was always a car I dreamed of. When I had a chance to drive my dream Stingray in 1989 I was really let down and ended up in in a Porsche 944 instead. I've had 4 Porsches since and have been SELLING Porsches for the past 11 years in San Diego. Every once in a...
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