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    Transporting vehicle out-of-state

    I need a quick reply on this one... I just sold my Vette and the purchaser is flying in to Michigan to pick it up on Monday. He will be driving it to South Carolina, where it is to be shipped to France. My question is - can he legally drive it from Michigan to South Carolina without a plate...
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    Need info on a '56

    Hi Guys, I normally hang out in the C3 section, but have a question for you... A friend has an opportunity to buy a '56 with 55K original miles. It is billed as a "survivor" with everything original and in pretty good shape (so he is told). The guy is asking $50K for it. Is this a good...
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    Dumb question I have been meaning to ask

    Are the controls for heat/air conditioning supposed to be lit up when the lights are on ('76 Vette)? I have had the console apart twice looking for a bulb, but couldnt' find anything. If it is supposed to be lit, where is the bulb? Thanks!
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    Need advice - major clutch problem

    (sorry for the long thread) I really need some expert advice about the 4-speed transmission/clutch on my ‘76 L-82. The symptom is that when the clutch is at the friction point, I hear a high speed whine, sort of like an electric drill on metal. When the clutch has been fully engaged for more...
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    Timing question - do I have a problem??

    I have owned a '76 L82 for the past 4 years, and just did my first complete tune-up. (I'm a novice with this stuff but have been muddling through a lot of repair projects.) It has always run really well and I did the tune-up more for the experience than anything else. I changed the dist. cap...
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    Info on the Borg Warner T-10 transmission

    I have a '76 with the L-82 engine. The 4-speed transmission was just rebuilt and I was told by my mechanic that it is a Borg Warner T-10 (I'm pretty certain it was the original). Does anyone have any information on the T-10? Was it the standard transmission matched with the L-82 in '76? If...
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    What happened to the brakes???

    I had to move my Vette last night so I decided to take it out for a little spin (clear and dry in Michigan!) Its been stored since Dec. 1. Everything seemed fine until I braked hard for a yellow light. I hit it pretty hard, but the car didn't want to stop very quickly. I went home and...
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    Why Don't Production Numbers Add Up?

    I have what may be a dumb question, but it has puzzled me for some time. I have a '76 Vette with a 4-speed. According to the production numbers, there were 46,558 Vettes built in '76. There were 2,088 built with the close ratio manual transmission and 36,625 with the turbo hydra-matic. That...
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    Gearshift rattle - Any suggestions?

    I've owned my '76 4-speed Vette for about a month. I am noticing a rattle due to vibrations in my gearshift and it gets just loud enough to be annoying. It only starts rattling when I get to 70 MPH. The noise stops if I hold on to the gearshift, but that's not much fun when I'm flying down the...
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