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    Help! Time to replace the battery ?

    Odyssey shows 2 models SPECIFIC for 2007 Corvette, this is from www.autozone.com a parts store located here in Michigan
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    The corvette C8s price

    I have seen many of them, drove 2 different C8's, one a preproduction engineering vehicle, and then a 2020 3LT trimmed coupe that belongs to a fellow Corvette club member. I actually detailed his car, and have a couple pictures. Agree 100% that IF you can get one now at MSRP, or wait until the...
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    Why can't a cracked differential carrier be repaired by welding?

    Tip 1. Don't ever weld anything structural to your diff's center section. This is just a good rule because of the inconsistencies that are unavoidable when welding to any kind of nodular/ductile/cast/gray iron. Tip 2. IF you do weld to it, even though I like 312 (super missile), the highest...
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    Oil life is a function of mileage and TIME. The owners manual says to change the oil at least least every year, so even if you don't put any miles on it, the oil life will go down approximately 8% each month.
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    For Sale 2006Corvette1YY07&Z51&3LT&74UVictoryRed&023Red

    Not a problem, glad to be here and will contribute as I can..........................
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    For Sale 2006Corvette1YY07&Z51&3LT&74UVictoryRed&023Red

    Pricing? May have interest, and not too far from your location.
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    Installed new opti-spark in 92 base corvette and now won't start

    Another "trick" or method to use when adjusting rocker arms to ensure you are not going too far and collapsing lifters is to rotate the push rods while tightening the adjusting nuts, don't worry about rocker arm movement, and when the push rod stops rotating, then use 1/2 turn more. Built...
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    Changing brake pads

    I use the Motive Bleeder. One man operation. No compressor needed. Nobody pushing on the brake pedal. It costs about $85.00 but if you work on your own cars, it is worth every penny. Lots of YouTube videos on it. Takes longer to get the car on jack stands and taking off the wheels than it does...
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