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    The 9-car

    Almost 4 years ago I picked up a 69 coupe. L48 300HP 350 turbo 400 3.08 gears. Burgundy repaint but original color, black vynal interior. A bone stock car, with smoking engine, brake pedal almost on the floor, leaking tranny, and when you smacked the seats you'd get a cloud of foam dust rising...
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    Mollested 6t8

    When I first purchased my 6t8 roadster over 20 years ago it was in bad condition, not good enough to drive and I could barely afford my dream car. Originally a 350 hp 327 4-speed car. Love the small blocks.. I had just purchased my home the year before [ a log house on a few acres]. It was the...
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    newbe to to this forum

    Hello to all the members. This seems like a very nice forum. Let me introduce my self. I've had a 6t8 roadster for more than 20 years. It's Lemans blue and only had two factory options ; the 350 hp 327 and a 4-speed. It was in very poor shape when it came to live with me [broken door hinges...
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