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  1. Brangeta

    rear side marker light falling out

    There's this girl who parks in front of my bedroom window at my apartment, and she drives a C5. The rear side marker light on the driver's side falls out and it's driving me crazy to see it all the time, and I want to fix it for her. The light doesn't appear to have any external screws holding...
  2. Brangeta

    For sale: 63-67 original carpet

    I think this is original carpet, I really don't know. It was in my Grandpa's attic and I'd like to get it out of my garage. Corvette jack box trunk carpet original 63 64 65 66 67 : eBay Motors (item 230450394460 end time Mar-23-10 14:10:36 PDT) Happy bidding if anyone is interested :upthumbs
  3. Brangeta

    Callaway Superbourban is for sale

    Found this by mistake on craigslist. Thought I'd share it. :) 1993 Suburban 29,000 miles
  4. Brangeta

    1994 Callaway C8 Camaro for sale, 1st C8 ever built

    I'm posting this for Anthony who is the owner of the car. His father is having major health trouble, and he's selling part of his car collection to assist in paying for his care. The car is his 1994 red Callaway C8 Camaro. It's a SuperNatural 400, with many prototype parts, and is documented as...
  5. Brangeta

    Visited the Callaway C16 for sale locally in Dallas (#4)

    I'll keep this review short. My pics aren't great, but it's hard to get good pictures in this type of lighting without a tripod. There was a lot of smoke in the air from a Mustang that tried to affixiate everyone, so that didn't help either lol. Pros: Everything not listed in cons. Cons: Curb...
  6. Brangeta

    Selling some '64 Corvette parts my grandpa had in his attic

    Hi guys, this is my first post in this particular section of the CAC. Anyway, I have a few items on ebay I found in my grandpa's attic. He's dead, so I can only assume they came off his '64 Corvette. He was the original owner to my knowledge, so these parts are likely original OEM parts. Oil...
  7. Brangeta

    Callaway C12 painting

    Saw this in a google search. Looks great. http://gallery.ehretdesign.de/gallery/10008.html?id=wawvfcYN
  8. Brangeta

    Did the nthimage guy ever post these Speedster pics here?

    I don't remember him posting these here. I found this link on Ferrarichat. http://nthimage.com/Detroit/photoshoots/Callaway_C16_Speedster.htm C16 Speedster
  9. Brangeta

    Met Chris, Mark, and the SC580 today

    I was able to meet Chris and Mark for the first time today, as well as my first encounter with a Callaway modified C6. Specifically an SC580. :upthumbs We had a good lunch at Fuddruckers, and Mark took me for a ride in the SC580. Chris drove Mark's car, and my mom followed in the SS. Mark and...
  10. Brangeta

    1955 3100 Pickup with SuperNatural 383

    Don't know where the guy got it, but there's a guy in this thread with and he's in Germany. http://67-72chevytrucks.com/vboard/showthread.php?p=2797351
  11. Brangeta

    What is this?

    I have this pic in my Callaway folder (that I am trying to sort) and I don't recognize it. What engine is this? :confused
  12. Brangeta

    Now THIS is a pretty C8!

    Anthony, you forgot to share with the rest of us. ;) Though I'm sure you figured I'd find the pics eventually. :L (There's a red and silver striped Camaro in the same gallery a friend wanted me to look at, so it was complete luck). :upthumbs
  13. Brangeta

    Found a C8 I didn't know existed

    Found this on another forum, apparently it is located in Chesterfield, MI near where ever that is. This car is having SERIOUS body panel fit issues. Looks like it may all be due to the hood. The photographer said, and It appears to me that is isn't painted. It has a vinyl wrap on it...
  14. Brangeta

    I just saw Bill Ogle's 93 Callaway Pace Car Camaro on ESPN2!

    The car that I've never seen... has been seen on the Mother's Car Show...show! They were talking about his Baldwin Motion 2nd gen Camaro (green and black) and the Callaway was parked next to it. The VERY FIRST Callaway SuperNatural Camaro is THIS 1993 Camaro Pace Car replica. This car was the...
  15. Brangeta

    Remember how we occasionally mention Vectors here?

    Well what an incredible deal right now. $16k with a reserve. It's great to see one of these come up for sale eventually. The purple one was for sale last month. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1999-Vector-M12-VERY-RARE_W0QQitemZ230251493839QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item230251493839& Purple one...
  16. Brangeta

    Reminds me of the B2K Speedsters...

    Identify this, and you deserve a cookie!
  17. Brangeta

    Did anyone from here win this on ebay?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=014&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=330221216492&rd=1 Someone got a good deal! $30.75
  18. Brangeta

    Exterior/interior color experts, what color is this?

    What are the names and paint codes for the exterior and interior of this car? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1969-Chevrolet-Corvette-Convertible-427-435-HP-Mint_W0QQitemZ250225405691QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item250225405691 And also, do you know of a place to buy replacement interior parts in this...
  19. Brangeta

    1981 Duntov Turbo Corvette

    I ran across this on ebay and I thought you turbo guys would like to see it. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1981-corvette-convertible-duntov-turbo-10-of-28-made_W0QQitemZ190209265764QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item190209265764
  20. Brangeta

    It's that time again...

    No, not time to do your taxes! Time to get on your soapbox and tell us all what your favorite Callaway is! Is it the Old Lyme green B2K Speedster? The Silbergrau C16? Or something else? Which Callaway makes you drool like a schoolboy the first time you went to the beach as a teenager? :drool...
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