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  1. Tom Bryant

    Interesting 56/57

    Just thought I'd share these photos for whaqt they're worth. "Bob Coe's answer to the T-Bird/Mustang. He said later that it never ran like they hopes as they could not get it to keep tracktion coming out of the turns well enough. This car also ran in the mid 60's at Baerfield.in fort Wayne."
  2. Tom Bryant

    1967 L88 Engine going across the block at Mecum Indy

    I'd like to have this in my garage. Selling on Friday. Mecum Listing
  3. Tom Bryant

    News: 1967 L88 at Mecum Indy

    What will it bring? I looked it over yesterday and it is just stunning. The estimate is $1,250,000.00 to $1,750,000.00. I wouldn't be surprised if it went higher. Selling on Friday. Mecum's listing.
  4. Tom Bryant

    New rides entry: 1959 Chevrolet Corvette

    Tom Bryant 1959 Chevrolet Corvette Purchased in August of 1969. Car had new paint that hid a lot of problems.
  5. Tom Bryant

    1990 ZR1 With 325 Miles

    I spotted this ZR1 coming up at the Mecum Auction in Chicago in a couple weeks. How could you have this car and never drive it? Tom
  6. Tom Bryant

    Auctions America Auburn Fall

    I thought I would share a couple cars I saw at Auburn today. Lots of cars in the car corral as well as the auction. 1957 Fuelie with 3 speed. 1953 #127 Highly awarded black '59 Wild 1958. And a nice red/white '57 Fuelie
  7. Tom Bryant

    Bad Shock

    Went to Cars and Coffee a couple weeks ago and haven't really looked at the '81 close since then. I wiped it down before the show and everything was clean. Yesterday I noticed a hazy oil film on the left rear wheel. The caliper looks dry so I stuck my phone under the front of the wheel and shot...
  8. Tom Bryant

    Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017 Coverage

    I went over for preview day today and took a few pictures. Here's one of my favorites just to get things started. I have been a fan of Mickey Thompson since the '60s. He was an amazing racer and innovator. This is one of 5 Z06s that Chevrolet sent him to prepare and race. More...
  9. Tom Bryant

    News: re: John Hinckley JohnZ

    re: John Hinckley JohnZ I just read on the NCRS board that John has been ill for some time now. That would explain why we haven't heard from him lately in the C1/C2 Forum. I understand that he doesn't have access to a pc or phone. His address is listed in the below copied text from the NCRS...
  10. Tom Bryant

    Dual 4s in a Bucket

    A friend asked me a while back if I wanted some dual 4bbl parts he had left over from a car I restored a long time ago. Of course I said yes. He had sold the car to another friend and then I was asked to finish the restoration. Part of that deal was to assemble a set of carbs from the 2 intakes...
  11. Tom Bryant

    NCRS Indiana Regional At Auburn

    The Indiana Regional is only 2 days away. I need to get my camera batteries charged up. I have to put the battery in the 1981 too. It hasn't been driven yet this year. I'll be judging in the 1958 to 1960 class. Can't wait. Tom
  12. Tom Bryant

    1981 St. Louis 2-tone

    In this video labeled as taken during 1981 production in St. Louis there is clearly a 2-tone shown on the line at 17 seconds into the video. We've always believed that the 2-tone combos were a Bowling green thing and only done in the new base/clear enamel finishes; all St Louis cars being...
  13. Tom Bryant

    Chrome Air Cleaner Lid Comments

    A question on the NCRS Tech Forum about the air cleaner lid has me curious. An owner has an original car with a black painted lid. The guy that sold it to him said he never changed it and why would he? Some early magazine articles show a black lid. Of course these were probably pre-production...
  14. Tom Bryant

    New Tires and Alignment

    Got the '81 out for the first time this year. We haven't been driving it much since the tires were way too old. The tread was 70% and there was only minor cracking along the beads. Once off they looked like new inside. Still smooth and shiny after about 20 years but it was the 20 years that I...
  15. Tom Bryant

    NCRS Arizona Regional

    The Regional is winding down. The judging has completed and all are resting at the hotel awaiting the awards banquet. It has been a few years since I have been able to attend a meet. I knew I was missing out but this was more than I expected. The quality of the cars was amazing. There was...
  16. Tom Bryant

    Centurion bodied "62 Corvette

    Found this interesting bit on GMAuthority.com. Some classic cars have interesting backstories, and others have insanely interesting backstories.Count this classic Corvette for sale on ebay among the latter.According to the seller, this ’62 ‘Vette sports a Fiberfab Centurion body, one of seven...
  17. Tom Bryant

    White ZR1's at Russo and Steele

    It seems that you don't often see a white ZR1 so when I saw 2 of them at the Russo and Steele auction last month in Scottsdale I had to take a few pictures plus post the ones from their site. consignment # 7052 sold for $23,630. consignment # 7262 sold for $21,000.
  18. Tom Bryant

    1970 ZR1 at Barrett-Jackson

    Nice car for the serious Corvette collector. Catalog page here.
  19. Tom Bryant

    1971 ZL2 at Barrett-Jackson

    Sorry. That's ZR2. It's a local car from back home too. (Roanoke IN) Auction catalog page here. Tom
  20. Tom Bryant

    C7s at Barrett Jackson

    There were some interesting C7s at the preview today.
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