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  1. bill81vette


    Merry Christmas Everybody!!! 🎄🎄🎄
  2. bill81vette


    Happy Birthday Stefan!!!!!:birth:birth Have a great day!!!! hope all is well in Germany!!!!!:thumb:thumb
  3. bill81vette


    Happy Birthday Evo!!!! hope you have a great day!!!!:beer:beer
  4. bill81vette

    Liam enjoying poppys vette

  5. bill81vette


    Happy Birthday Catbert!!!!!:happyanim::happyanim: hope you have a great day!!!!! :beer:beer:birth
  6. bill81vette


    Happy Birthday Stefan... Hope you have a great day!!!!!! :birth:birth :drink:woot::woot:
  7. bill81vette


    Happy Birthday Tom!!!!!!!:thumb WOW....60!!!!!!:happyanim: hope you have a great day!!!!:beer :birth:birth
  8. bill81vette

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everybody!!!!![emoji41]
  9. bill81vette

    Happy Birthday...

    Happy Birthday Bud!!!!!!!:beer:beer Hope you have a great Day!!!!! :bar
  10. bill81vette

    REMO has passed

    Robert L. Remelius, Townsend | Anderson Funeral Homes He will be missed!!!!
  11. bill81vette

    Video: 1981 corvette promotional commercial

    '81 corvette promo 1981 Corvette commercial - YouTube
  12. bill81vette

    To all '81 owners.

    if you have any questions about the '81 please ask in the L-81 vette registry forum that's why we have it.... everybody can still go into it and read your posts,and answer your questions... if you would like any of your posts moved to the L-81 forum,just ask and we will Thanks Bill81vette..
  13. bill81vette

    A-arm bushings

    Ok so I'm under the vette last weekend changing the oil and filter and I got looking around underneath the old girl and I notice that the tire on the right side is bald on the inside.Went to check the bushings and the top rear is gone :ugh :ugh. Got the new tires last week,and had them mounted...
  14. bill81vette

    C-3 General discussion

    I am having a problem staying on the 'C-3 general discussion' page. It automatically goes to a 'error404 page not found' is it me or the site????? all other areas of the site that I visited today are fine.
  15. bill81vette


    okay,so I'm just about done changing the tranny fluid,and I'm under the front of the vette,installing new tranny hoses as the old ones are hard and are seeping. When I notice a wet spot on the left side of the bottom of the radiator.:ugh:ugh I get my lite and shine it up to the top radiator hose...
  16. bill81vette

    2 or 4 bolts????

    Were the corvettes of the mid-80's built with 2 bolt or 4 bolt mains???? some one recently asked me I told them I would try to find out. just curious..
  17. bill81vette

    Question: Painting aluminum rims....

    Okay,so the Black Paint on the inside of my rims has faded significantly, I can't tell what black they are supposed to be,:confused Flat,semi-gloss,or gloss?????:confused and I want to repaint them so they will look better!!!:upthumbs:upthumbs anybody know for sure...thanks!!! I searched thru...
  18. bill81vette

    Hey Bud.....

    I finally got Gail to iron the insignia on my denim shirt thought you might want see what it looked like!!!!!:upthumbs :upthumbs I'll be wearing tomorrow at a car show!!!
  19. bill81vette

    '81 wont start..

    Gail took the vette to work this am...called me at noon time when she was going out to the bank and told me the vette wont start and what can she do to fix it...(oh sheet):confused any way went over after work and nothing is happening ,plenty of power(tried jumping,nada.),everything works,with...
  20. bill81vette

    electrical problem!!!

    Over the course of the winter I removed and installed my starter,right side exhaust manifold,ignition shield,and replaced the upper bearings in my steering column.I finally finished it Sunday (hoping I could take it out for a quick spin on such a nice day),got it started up and my power...
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