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  1. StingrayLust

    Who needs 69-71 BLANK engine data spec plates?

    So, I replaced my 350 with a new 406 this last Spring, however, I never updated my engine data spec place because I could not find a proper solution. Yes, you can find the 3 sectioned plates that came on 72-76 consoles, but there doesn't exist *yet* the correct 4 section blank plates for the...
  2. StingrayLust

    WTB: 71 sb plastic fan shroud #3956109

    I'm at the end of my journey and the one thing stopping me is a fan shroud that fits. The part I got from Ecklers was a joke and it seems most of the aftermarket ones, whether they have the 3956109 part # on them, are also of poor quality compared to the originals with the UCC diamond shape...
  3. StingrayLust

    Question: a Wiki for aftermarket parts?

    Have you ever been frustrated with aftermarket parts for your C3? I know I have. There's always some discussion in a thread about how a new part doesn't fit or work right. I've run into this myself, and when I did I was thinking that it would have been great if there was a web site to compare...
  4. StingrayLust

    Question: Edelbrock Performer 2101 and qjet choke question

    So I took off my stock manifold to get it cleaned up and one of the thermostat housing bolts got stuck and broke off. I've tried drilling it out and I'm not getting anywhere close to getting it out. So that's left me with a problem, I need an intake for my 4MV qjet that's being rebuilt as I...
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