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  1. bill81vette

    Buying a Ferrari after retirement

    Now that's funny!!!!:boogie:boogie:boogie
  2. bill81vette

    1979 Hood Passenger Side Hood Latch

    I found mine and I cant believe where they put it!! take a lite,look in front of the passenger side wiper.that's where the plug is located. its a dumb place to look for it!!!!:hb:hb
  3. bill81vette

    1979 Hood Passenger Side Hood Latch

    I have an '81 and they have them.I keep a long thin screwdriver next to the drivers seat just in case.:oops: unless some one has done body work in that area I don't understand why they wouldn't be there.
  4. bill81vette

    Sunny AZ

    Welcome to CAC,Jim!!!! enjoy!!
  5. bill81vette

    1979 Hood Passenger Side Hood Latch

    It's there,it may have a rubber plug in it.you will probably need a long screwdriver to get thru the hole to release the latch.. good luck!
  6. bill81vette

    Checking in from New Jersey

    Welcome to CAC!! enjoy!!! sweet looking '79.if the color is just faded,I'd leave it alone.IMHO.
  7. bill81vette

    New Member...2010 ZR1

    Welcome to CAC!!!! enjoy!!!
  8. bill81vette

    New Member

    Welcome to CAC!!!! enjoy!!!
  9. bill81vette

    New Member

    Welcome to CAC!!!! enjoy!!!
  10. bill81vette

    Nouveau membre.

    Welcome to CAC!! enjoy!!!
  11. bill81vette

    Hello everyone

    welcome to CAC!! enjoy!!! and don't give up on the dream!!
  12. bill81vette

    Hello from New Hampshire

    Welcome To CAC!!!! enjoy!!!
  13. bill81vette

    Hello from NY!!

    Welcome to CAC!!! Enjoy!!
  14. bill81vette

    Wanted Cruise control cable

    do you already have cruise or will this be an add-on?? also is this an automatic???
  15. bill81vette

    looking for a surprise gift project for my son

    Welcome to CAC!!! good luck with your search!!
  16. bill81vette


    Merry Christmas Everybody!!! 🎄🎄🎄
  17. bill81vette

    Twas the night before Christmas

    that's Great!!!!
  18. bill81vette

    New Member - Atlanta, GA area

    Welcome to CAC!!! enjoy!!
  19. bill81vette

    Living in the South of France - Do you too Live in France and Drive a CORVETTE ?

    M.Vaughn...have your fellow enthusiasts sign up!! if there's enough,Rob (the boss)could make a section for you in the regional section.for your outings and cruises
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