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  1. ratflinger

    Rear Steel Spring

    This spring is off my 79. Previous owner installed this right before I bought the car. I have installed a new rear end kit from VB&P. The spring still has the rubber separators between the leaves. $50 + UPS ground. Be warned, spring weight 50- 60 lbs.) I prefer Paypal. Spring is also for...
  2. ratflinger

    Stolen Corvette

    Made you look.
  3. ratflinger

    Demon Triple D Six-Shooter

    I'm considering using the Demon 6-pack setup on my 383 build. Anyone else using this or have an opimion on it?
  4. ratflinger

    Here is the car of your dreams?

  5. ratflinger

    Hot Rod Air

    Anyone dealt with Hot Rod Air out of Selma, TX? They offer a replacement A/C (everything included) and I would like to know about anyones experience with their product. Think I'll go by next week & check it out. It uses the Sanden compressor & comes with evap, cond, dryer & hoses.
  6. ratflinger

    Hole closure

    Currently going through my 79 & noticed several factory type holes, i.e. drain holes in the floorpans, a hole in each side of the windshield frames (under the removed windshield), etc. These are not rust holes. Is there any advantage to leaving them open or can I epoxy them up?
  7. ratflinger

    Last Dash Question from me!

    What is everyones opinion on the custom dashes (Burlwood or Rosewood)? CA says theirs are real wood and the price reflects that, so I assume that MidAms are simulated wood (plastic). Do they look nice? What about long term? The other option would be to just buy new stock ones.
  8. ratflinger

    Dash resto question

    As would be expected, the dash in my '79 is not in the best shape. I've seen two options (three, if do nothing is included). MidAm has a skin that fits over the current dash & CA/Ecklers has a repro dash. Any opinions on either of these two choices? If I replace the dash completely I assume it...
  9. ratflinger

    Carpet & sound deadener install

    I'm getting ready to install my MidAm carpet set in my '79 & I purchased the Thermo-Tec heat/sound barrier. Should I remove any of the original heat barriers and sound deadeners or just overlay everything on top? I'm not sure what is there already, but the assembly manual points to factory...
  10. ratflinger

    Big thumbs up for Sunroof Doctor!

    :upthumbs Finally got aroud to installing my new Galaxy Glass t-tops from Sunroof Doctor. The passenger side appeared to have an unusual curvature at the T side compared to the drivers side. I called and Mary profusely apologised and offered to send me a passenger side with a return label for...
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